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seven pounds

they do still make good movies and there are still bloody good actors. such a simple, straightforward, unpretentious, good movie. how many followed smith during his fresh prince days and thought he will become this big? the number one actor in the world. raw talent :)

do watch it. not to be missed.

[+] seven pounds, will smith.


Am In Trance said…
Just saw it today...
What I like about the movie is not the actor nor the story..
But the simplest link between Me and We..
That says it all...
Ghost Particle said…
hey :) you have a great point there, the connection was strong and deep. there is a real cause in it that makes us believe in humans.

there are a handful of good actors who could have carried the role, but in the eyes of smith, there is conviction :)

thanks bro :)
Nachi said…
finally you saw the movie!! finally!


a brilliant movie. Will Smith is the it the 'Pursuit of Happyness' or 'Seven Pounds'...

my next recommendation for you brah, 'Milk'. powerhouse movie. i was morphed to another dimension by Sean Penn's portrayal of the life of Harvey Milk.
Arv said…
He is some talent mate.. not one among my best/favs but certainly a talent to watch :)

take care bro... cheers...
d gypsy! said…

i ve watched it five times and can stil watch it any day

completely in love with it
Cinderella. said…
I have heard of this movie..its a gr8 story. I'l watch t for sure one of these days.

Did you get your beauty sleep ?
Cinderella. said…
And oh have I ever told you, I have had an eternal crush on Will Smith since high school ?

brocasarea said…
sure..have dwd it:)
my-kids-blog said…
It looks nice. I will just waiting for the its Video.
Nahuatl said…
u saw it so late?

and this is the wrong place to publish the reviews. :)
Jeevan said…
will do watch bro.
i saw the change! in profile picture, first time ever na? :)
NE~ISM said…
Ya know I still watch Fresh Prince! it is awesome!!! Will Smith is LIKE HOT!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!

anyway.. I am like going to other places with this blog.. lol

Off to dream land to dream of Will Maybe??


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