Friday, April 17

san francisco

I'm supposed to write something about beautiful San Francisco and how one of my biggest dreams came true. But this week has been a roller coaster at its extreme. I've had 4 days between my visa interview and landing in SF. And I'm still doing 18 hours a day working. Coupled with some massive screwup with one of my agencies, nothing seems peaceful this week.

Only the sunshine State and the beautiful city of Cupertino keeps me alive. And the lovely people here :)

See you soon.


Arv said...

After my fav London,

SF & the Bay Area totally rocks dude :)

Jeevan said...

looking forward to know about u r traveling bro. have wonderful times :)

brocasarea said...

keep postings!...good luck!:)

Kavi said...

Thats some news ! SOME news !!

I hope all goes well for you. Take care. And have a great trip.


Cinderella. said...

Take care bhai. You know what I mean. Right ?

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] it does :D

[jeevan] thank you nanba, will write more soon.

[broca] thanks bro.

[kavi] thank you sir, i waited all my life for this :)

[girl] i will, you know it. life goes on :)

Stupidosaur said...

Good Luck!

Ghost Particle said...

[tha reptile] thanks thanks :)


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