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the only reason we do everything and anything to help someone is because we don't want to loose them. its not even faith anymore, its just the fear of waking up another day and finding an empty heart in us. and a love lost forever.


Arv said…
right said bro :)
Jeevan said…
its true and have some selfish too!
What are we going to take anymore? Let us live by give and take.
Am In Trance said…
We change for what we feel is right.. But everyone is unique in their own special way..
We change the way we think, the way we talk, the way we feel, the way we appreciate,the way we regret, the way we do something not for us, the way we live, the way we die.......
But still the truth is, "Everyone is unique in their own special way.."
So ?? What changes we made ?? For What ?? Why At All ???
Bizarre isn't it ??
Thats Life...

TakeCare Bro..
Cinderella. said…
I cant believe a nerd like you can say such profound things about love bhai ! You seldom show me this side of yours.

and I agree with you on every word. Sometimes its just the fear, forget about the faith forget about the belief that maybe someday they wil understand, maybe one day they will see through you and love you for what you are.

The thought of that void inside is enough to drop all guards and do anything you can to keep that someone near you.

I love this post.
Ghost Particle said…
[aiz] thank you :)

[arv] thank you bro :)

[jeevan] i truly understand your feelings brother :)

[trance] we do change for what we feel is right, and never ever let go of that principle. we just sometimes have to deviate for a moment to see that our lives are interconnected in many ways. uniqueness fuels us, but the love and attachment surpasses that. thank you bro.

[pallavini] thanks girl. life takes such a toll from us that sometimes its the solitary u stopping to think of everything around you. and then it dawns, that life deviates at many moments to show that the human spirit is the driving light. love you too.
brocasarea said…
so true!!:(
Karthi said…
Kural madhiri surukuma solla arambichitingae!
Ghost Particle said…
[broca] thanks bro.

[karthi] getting hard to write long posts...hard to bring out the words :) idea alot, words little...hmmm

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