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let's go for a walk

we're gonna do it
we're gonna do it good
and we're gonna party like never before


Arv said…
are you talking about the Reds again???

well, I hope United does it too :)

take care mate... cheers...
Jeevan said…
take me with you also bro :)
Ghost Particle said…
[arv] then we dont walk alone anymore :D im happy the regular games r back...the qualifiers are lame lame lame :P

[jeevan] as always, as always bro...I will take you when the time comes :)

[cindy] hmmmm...
Nachi said…
take a walk to the loo if it is indeed the Footieball game that you are speaking of! the Blues are gonna walk all over you red faced punks mate! viva la Blue!

...but yeah, walking is a good idea. i like walking. especially on these breezy summer nights...
Cinderella. said…
LOL !!

Btw bhai, Nachi's comment reminds me - you do need to walk - its gonna do you a world of good,eh ??

:P :P :P
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] the Blues my rats ass. u changed coaches like you change bedcovers. get a life losers!

ok back to myself, hey brah...waaadaaaappp! hows it hanging? breezy summer nights in bangalore! wohooo! not that i went there for summer...oh oh Fall in Shimla! now those are the nights!

[cindy] i tried walking, my legs got bored. :p

girl! mwahahahahah!
Nachi said…
if the bed cover gets dirty you change it! as simple as that. its called being hygienic you filthy red crawling maggots...

[ok! ok! back to being myself] Shimla, Bangalore all schmuckus. i am stuck here in Baroda mate. the rest you know. same ol' stories of jalebis, sugarcane juice, long two-wheeler rides and lots of sleeping!

Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] right...and the supposedly richest club in the world cant get an Armani bed sheet in the first place? early on? Oh wait, they did! just that Liverpool kicked his ass and made him leave! Mwahahahah!

[ok ok myself, back] Baroda...The Baroda Adventures, The Baroda Chronicles, the Cowboys of Baroda...
Nachi said…
grr!! so then, if Ghosty logic works like the laws of physics, then Armani bed covers never get dirty!!

duh! you seriously need to go to 'Discipline & Hygiene' Trainning School.



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