Friday, April 3

its bleeding light!

(and you thought the matrix was awesome...take a look at my 5 bucks mice!)
[Flickr - Photon Dreams]

I dont visit blogs anymore, Google Reader does everything and more. You dont have to wait ages for the blog link to open, just put everything into the Reader and live there.
Why Facebook is nice...I can share all the links and videos I want in a few seconds! Tada! I'll stay there for a while more, before coming back to blogging.
Google is buying Twitter. All the Birds! I dont know what it means, but I bet there will be some clean and simple Gtalk Twitter integration (was the function already there and I missed the boat?)
I worked a total of 90 hours since Monday. I dont feel so good, even with all the paperless 'jamming' going on, the tasks are stinging slow! I get atleast 10 emails per hour from the clients, and not even half of it are for real jobs!
For the Nth time this year, my ISP failed me. The wires to US and Hong Kong (which represents almost all of our connection to the 'websites from the west' (heh!) is down! I cant read my comics! oh and do work :(
Coupled with the fcking Telco. It takes a good 15 minutes for an SMS to leave the phone...15 minutes!!!!


Everyone who knows about next week, wish me luck. Friends who dont know, ask me :P
I'm happy, worked hard for it, hope I make it :) And I cant thank enough the two person who made it happen for me over the years. More about them in the future.

[#] Changed my avatar pic after nearly 5 years. I want a new, futuristic avatar. Either I draw it myself or am going to commission it...any takers (please don't quote me high).


Nachi said...

i can't tell you how much i love the picture...brilliant brah!!

and stop being lazy. i mean thanks to all these new 'integrated' technology the old school joy of blogging is being lost. you yourself were whining about this a while back. you bloody hypocrite!


chill, things will work out just fine and yeah, you can thank me later by buying the first round of beer!

Arv said...

You know what they say bro...

'Everything is gonna be alright'... :)

Wishing you the best bro... take it easy over the weekend.. except for the match time of course :P

take care... cheers...

brocasarea said...

good luck bro:)...and ur in orkut?;)

p.s-and google buying twitter is indeed a good news!!!

Cinderella. said...


I love the "avtaar" (who says that anymore ?!!),
tons n tons of goodluck for next week,
I couldnt care less about twitter - flicker or anything else for that matter - as long as my work is done hassle-free I'm cool.

Talk to you soon.

Princess said...

the color is awesome and brilliant :D
what is that about next week??

so, only now you found google reader eh!!

Kavi said...

new beginnings I guess !

Both the avatars and the next weeks. Trust all is well with you and the world will pan out just too good for you !

Jeevan said...

best wishes nanba, hope everything goes well :)

Stupidosaur said...


(Sorry I have been rereading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lately)

Stupidosaur said...

Wish you had all the luck for that thing you were going to do the past week that I know nothing about and for which I cannot wish you luck going back in time


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