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ice cream

believe it!
its a chili flavored, chocolate ice cream

mango ice cream

makes you wonder,
what was there before ice cream?


brocasarea said…
omg..looks so yummy!:D
Arv said…
wonder where they come up with such flavours mate... lol...

am not going anywhere near the chilli thingy... :P

take care... cheers....
Princess said…
they add it or is it just a decoration??
Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] its definitely is bro!

[arv] LOL, its tasty bro...i mean we can down anything! yeh! and this is 100% veg :D tc bro.

[princess] the red chili is for deco, but when they make the chocolate ice cream, they add ground dried red chilly.
Cinderella. said…
I echo Arv here bhai !! I wonder you actually called it tasty ?!
Jeevan said…
For me the spoon looked like a flower at first sight! Ice creams are a pretty thing left no one.
Nachi said…
God wanted to see which flavor ice cream they had. and so he spake, "Let there be Light!"

...and there was light.

Miladysa said…

chilli? *!*
Kavi said…
Ah ! Mirchi icecream ! Have you had it when you were here ?
Ghost Particle said…
[girl] it was chocolate 99% and chili 1% :D

[jeevan] exactly, lol it does look like a flower :D everyone loves ice cream :) thanks nanba.

[nachi] LOL, now u r in very high philosophy mode...wonder what will happen after the exams brah.

[milady] it is it is :D hugs!

[kavi] there is such sir? my god, shud have tried!
Cinderella. said…
Who is girl ?
Ghost Particle said…
[bunny] it was you who is girl! sigh.
Amruta said…
What did it taste like?

Once, i was watching this show called ice cream paradise on Discovery Travel & Living. A must watch for ice cream lovers. They were showing different and unique ice cream parlors in USA and there was this one where they had such crazy flavors like Avocado and Beer! They even tried pizza flavor but it didn't work!
Ghost Particle said…
[am] like chocolate...and a bit of chilly. oh oh...u know like when u use the same knife that has been used to cut chili to cut ur fruits and eat it! like that! :p

hey I saw that episode the beer ice cream! wohoo!

thx Am :)

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