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of games and the road

there are a few things that I cant digest much nowadays. there is this never ending struggle in me to seek the path that was meant to be. the distress button has been pressed long ago. but at moments, you may realize, words like 'meant to be' are cohorts with modern day pseudo culture such as astrology and structured religion. there is nothing meant to be. the basic rule of the world is, you work hard, and your work for a purpose. meant to be is an idea of evolution without any entropy fueling it. in short, magic.

leave that aside. what i realized from this internet circus is that (i) material by women, (ii) heavy shiny expensive stuff and (iii) blinding idol-ism is worshiped. good things are not. don't hate me for the women part. it is not a generalization, its just another make believe culture of this world, magical sedimentary remains from an era of absolution seeking tribes who want to say they respect equal right, and in that sense look for the extra bit of skin, in pretext.

these are harsh words to describe the evolution of internet phenomenon such as flickr, blogs, and social networks. about flickr, a buddy of mine mentioned that, everyone is seeking fame, everyone wants to be the best. about (ii) vj said that flickr is camera biased, the bigger the dslr you have, the more mindless comments you get. and (iii) speaks for itself.

what is so strange is that, I have met and interacted with women whom doesnt not carry the trait of 'girls in rappers videos' to loosely quote Pink. smart, intelligent and determined women. hence, why am I, in the process of seeking my own fame_dom in this world of photography, free verse and story writing am bogged down by nonrecognition of raw talents, because of the 3 things above.

so i am part of this internet freak show. i am seeking something else, i am charting the evolution of internet itself, over my-lifetime.

the road in this day and age is slow. technology is not. pharmaceuticals have been achieved and sitting in vaults, because global warming is busy evolving diseases for medicines that have been discovered years ago. technology will reach an idea of singularity, not singularity itself, in my lifetime. deducing this is simple, as everything else in this world right now runs on speculation. speculative life, speculative relationship and speculative money. there are two ways, one is to beat the future, another is to slow down and let it overtake you. in one you invent what you want to consume, in the other you consume the leftovers.

so there might not be a clear line in this, but what you must seek is how the internet can interact and lift your heredity skills that you are slowly discovering into heights of excellence. dont act like romans when being rome, don't be a drone.

hope some of us get a picture of the game. the road is something we have to invent ourselves. for the rest, just move on with life, maybe the mundane make belief world is enough for you.

In the flow, let me present you again, my masterpieces;
[Feast of Minds]


Arv said…
I got to read this again at night bro... I got confused... but its me... trying to read it in the middle of a meeting was a bad idea :P
Cinderella. said…
Amazing post bhai !
I so can feel you there...your verbiage is so classy you knw, its not meant to be read and appreciated by unimportant humans - like me for that matter.

Pieces like this rest in literature and are read and heard by laureates.

LOved your expression : " are two ways, one is to beat the future, another is to slow down and let it overtake you. in one you invent what you want to consume, in the other you consume the leftovers..."

Wonderful !
the pink orchid said…
:( i am totally confused.. :(
Mythily said…
Very true... Life is to find out who you are... Well written post GP...
the pink orchid said…
you have been awarded.. visit my blog..
Jeevan said…
I thank whoever invents the road, for me to drive and enjoy whatever exists. I am in lose of hope to beat the future, but am courage to let it overtake slowly as much possible. This post carries some hope bro.

You are all the people to achieve the dreams, including ours. Profound post!
Nachi said…
i think i understand what you are trying to say here brah. but then again, i fail to comprehend the bewildering (to me that is) necessity of everyone to gain the approval of everyone. to be the most popular, the most followed, the most idolized.

speculation is rift in life. i am too much a capitalist to believe otherwise. but in the end all that matters to me is that i am able to walk on a path that i can tread on without treading on my conscience.

everyone seeks fame. most people get their 15 minutes worth of fame. some get a taste of infamy.

there is not much of a difference brah!


ps: profound post. i thought that by now your brain had turned into goo. apparently it has not!
Miladysa said…
It's just another medium Ghosty - nothing changes - we remain human :D

How are you?
Ghost Particle said…
[arv] LOL, its ok bro...i just did a very abstract post.

[girl] aww stop that! the expression is half poetic, half abstract about the current situation online :P thank you da :)

[kajal] :P and thank you for the awards.

[mythily] thank you :D

[jeevan] //I am in lose of hope to beat the future, but am courage to let it overtake slowly as much possible.// no worries brother, the future we will bring to wont miss it, i promise this :)

life is a journey towards perfection, like it or not, not one will agree to this. and that world, we create and perfect are for us and the future generations.

thank you bro :)

[nachi] //i fail to comprehend the bewildering (to me that is) necessity of everyone to gain the approval of everyone// bro, this is more towards the fact that because of those 'everyones' our talents are swept aside. its like the most horrible writer can get his work published because he had a band of horribilis writers stomping the ground, supply and demand? :)
//...i am able to walk on a path that i can tread on without treading on my conscience// excellently put bro. lets create a perfect future.

hey, i dont have a goo brain! nutty! :PPPPP

[milady] well said. we are tool users, thats it! ive tried to explain to a few in the off-world, they dont understand this, languages, and everything else are jst tools for us to communicate our words and ideas.

im ok MIlady, how are you? HUGS!

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