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Petronas Twin Towers, 8.30 pm, Earth Hour, Saturday 28th March, 2009
I still don't see a point in this Earth Hour thingy, but well done on the marketing, and everything. Big Corps have perfected the idea of mass brainwashing. I just hope WWF managed to get what they want from this because I'm dead sure that no amount of Earth Hour will reverse any Global Warming, etc.

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brocasarea said…
so true:)...mass brainwashing!!..
Kavi said…
Yes Sir !

Spare a thought for the millions in India who go without electricity for hours !

One hour of electricity per day is such a blessing in these places !

Hmm ! :)
Jeevan said…
i agree with you. They are forced, that won't remain forever until we people come forward on there own to save the electricity.

Good shots there capture at the moment.
Arv said…
Spot on dude...

People lose jobs cos there is no power supply to keep the factories running at full production capacity...

I would rather ask these blokes who switched off to find a way to divert power to the lightless ones... :P

if they really want to save the earth... this is not the way... they need to stop a whole loads of mess they create everyday...

I can rant on this forever... grrrrr...

lol... take care bro... cheers...
Princess said…
here there is already a two hr daily power cut.. what is the point spending more dark hours??

if we stop using lights during day time by allowing natural light to flow inside, it would be far better an idea which would have a little benefit at least.

Nachi said…
just another excuse to get all hanky panky in the dark!! well, i am not complaining...actually i like the idea a lot! :D
d gypsy! said…
its more of what we know already, what we can do already

i dunno how it wud help, when and where, but if we can unify for such a thing i think countries can come together for better reasons as well...
Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] yep...and it worked, thanks bro :)

[kavi] i so understand, imagine how unimaginably elite this campaign is. and its not even connected to anything else. stand your grounds ssir! thanks :)

[jeevan] well said jeevan, conservation is the key towards a self sustainable use of electricity. but i doubt it will save the world. maybe avert an energy crisis, but that too sounds vague.
thanks bro.

[arv] LOL bro, well said. mpower management is the answer. im more miffed by the fact that all this organizations took to doing it as well. and for one hour, once a year?! waht the!

agreed with you, they and we must stop create mess everyday! thx bro. and dont worry, we will continue the rant...soon!

[princess] //if we stop using lights during day time by allowing natural light to flow inside, it would be far better an idea which would have a little benefit at least.// well said...never thought of it this way. you are right, peak and offpeak usages can be controlled for energy conservation.
thanks aiz.

[nachi] sigh, ur supposed to be studying and have intelligent matter in ur brain...and all you can come up with is hanky panky panssies! LOL! i like the idea, i hate the execution...especially how disconnected this people are with what theyre trying to celebrate.

[neha] you are right Neha, im impressed with the will of humanity to gather. thats the best. it was demonstrated during the tsunami as well, many lives we're saved by quick action, and the rebuilding continues.

hope we can channel the positiveness of all this into something concrete for the betterment of the society.
thx Neha :)
Nachi said…
let me clarify! i meant, i like the idea of getting hanky panky in the dark!

not the gather all people together at one place and then turn off the lights! hmm, actually, not a bad idea that too...


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