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the game is

not over yet. it took me a while, but then i realized, this fun in solitude is no fun at all. pretentious marauding packs of humans who hunger for another hour in a day. and when you step outside the frantic bubble keeping your emotional distance away, there are no lessons to be learned for the outsider. the world is lame. the Internet is crowded, packed with redundant data, advertisements, political trash and every ingredient out there to make this a digital slum. imagine, a world, walled, littered with gods, nodes connecting homes where you live, die. pockets of rich living in bubble networks, scums of the earth living in decaying electron caves. fire, and snow in distances evoke strange metallic memories of the future, collapsing and returning to the past. each day, sun rise and sunset wither in offices, unimportant shadows remind us of them. and the journey continues to find a niche to survive the demanding years, where bubbles will burst, leaving yet again a decapitated future once dreamed as our savior.


Jeevan said…
If the game was interesting the solitude is no matter to enjoy. Hope u win the game to be back soon. l agree the net is crowded with more social networks entry.
d gypsy! said…
now thats what i call ghosty's chemical philosophy

ok, seriously, u ve given me some food for thought
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] thank you nanba, your words are always a retrospection for my writings, i look back and realize many things new :)

[neha] thank you girl :) its another world same as ours online, only uglier i think. and i like 'chemical philosophy' :)
Nachi said…
seriously, why are we complaining about the end of the world and championing the cause of all things nihilistic...let's just go get the beers! we have a game to watch and a side to pick! Viva la Blues!

i would like to see you cry and rant at the universe once Chelsea has kicked Liverpool blue in the nuts!!


our dreams shall always be realized in, some shade or another of, disillusionment. but that does not stop us from dreaming altogether, does it? the journey always continues. there is always a new road to walk and new destinations to reach. sometimes we walk alone and sometimes we walk together.
brocasarea said…
noxious philosophy:)
Arv said…
we need a virtual rebellion of some sorts...
Kavi said…
I am glad to know that the game is still being played !

As long as the game is still on, every player has a chance !

Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] ill ignored the thing about the greatest football club in the world vs the puny Chelsea.

//there is always a new road to walk and new destinations to reach.//

this matters more to me than anything else. even the part of walking alone or together. the mind is in freeflow across cyberspace :) thx bro.

[brocasarea] lol, thanks bro.

[arv] i think it has started, we must make it stronger :) thx bro.

[kavi] a very good observation sir, may the game prosper, and not let the players deviate. will touch base soon sir, very very busy :) thx.

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