Monday, March 2

a fine frenzy

Come On, Come Out

~Come On, Come Out by A Fine Frenzy

~Almost Lovers by A Fine Frenzy

[+] A Fine Frenzy
[+] Alison Sudol

refreshing to hear :)

[+] great voice, great songs, great videos, great lyrics...time to start digging more alternatives!


Arv said...

Alternative is the music for all seasons dude... welcome on board... these guys jam good... will give another listen sometime :)

take care bro... cheers...

Princess said...

awesome as u hv said..
very melo to listen at nights..


Miladysa said...

What are you doing Ghosty?

Jeevan said...

it feels something bro :)

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] true bro, i missed the magic in them. was absolutely nuts about it a decade ago...(well now I realize i am getting old! )

tc bro.

[princess] true indeed aiz..excellent evening music! thank you :)

[milady] i am here and everywhere :) hugs.

[jeevan] truly bro. have fun :)


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