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we were there

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Petronas Twin Towers, 8.30 pm, Earth Hour, Saturday 28th March, 2009
I still don't see a point in this Earth Hour thingy, but well done on the marketing, and everything. Big Corps have perfected the idea of mass brainwashing. I just hope WWF managed to get what they want from this because I'm dead sure that no amount of Earth Hour will reverse any Global Warming, etc.

[+] travelers; Sandra, Indran, Lina, Ghost

of games and the road

there are a few things that I cant digest much nowadays. there is this never ending struggle in me to seek the path that was meant to be. the distress button has been pressed long ago. but at moments, you may realize, words like 'meant to be' are cohorts with modern day pseudo culture such as astrology and structured religion. there is nothing meant to be. the basic rule of the world is, you work hard, and your work for a purpose. meant to be is an idea of evolution without any entropy fueling it. in short, magic.

leave that aside. what i realized from this internet circus is that (i) material by women, (ii) heavy shiny expensive stuff and (iii) blinding idol-ism is worshiped. good things are not. don't hate me for the women part. it is not a generalization, its just another make believe culture of this world, magical sedimentary remains from an era of absolution seeking tribes who want to say they respect equal right, and in that sense look for the extra bit of skin, in pr…

i used to draw

there was a time in this corner of the this grand universe when i was a fierce fan boy of X-files (the kind that fights with friends if they say anything bad about Mulder and Scully). But even that doesn't explain how Garfield got raped into this masterpiece. As you can observe, it was torn to pieces when I went to Uni, I managed to find the pieces and paste it back together. Fox Garfield Mulder, a fans tribute, from a weird childhood.

[#] Am being forced to clean my old stuff or they will throw it away. All of em. :(

the game is

not over yet. it took me a while, but then i realized, this fun in solitude is no fun at all. pretentious marauding packs of humans who hunger for another hour in a day. and when you step outside the frantic bubble keeping your emotional distance away, there are no lessons to be learned for the outsider. the world is lame. the Internet is crowded, packed with redundant data, advertisements, political trash and every ingredient out there to make this a digital slum. imagine, a world, walled, littered with gods, nodes connecting homes where you live, die. pockets of rich living in bubble networks, scums of the earth living in decaying electron caves. fire, and snow in distances evoke strange metallic memories of the future, collapsing and returning to the past. each day, sun rise and sunset wither in offices, unimportant shadows remind us of them. and the journey continues to find a niche to survive the demanding years, where bubbles will burst, leaving yet again a decapitated future on…


in perpetual uncertainty over everything. read blogs, didn't comment on any. i've lost my ability to write full sentences (except now and here, for some reason). been awake for 18 hours now, not good. kicking my self, again, for something(s) that happened last year. sudden outbursts in f.o.m will surely turn into a storm soon. i mainly exist in facebook, flickr and emails right now. i can't think of anything else that needs less words than pictures. i take good photos. got many things done, except maybe sleep, which i am not able to 'achieve'. in perpetual sickness. i try and try and i'm still unable to erase the pain. the next guy who comes to me with a business proposal will be killed. salvation comes, in solitude. the unending evenings and forever nights are well alive. am not going to turn this into a poem. this is post 928 by the way, the number means nothing. such strange path you have, wonder how i chose to fit in and not make it right. the sound of sile…

a fine weekend