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The TMobile Dance Ad

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Homo Escapeons said…
It brings tears to my easy it would be to just do this every week, every day. Look at how ridiculously happy people were to escape from their routine and toss off their masks...and connect..share an experience.

It's bloody marvelous and I never get tired of seeing that. They should be make it mandatory.

It also reminds me of how so many religiously governed countries are bereft of LIFE! They drain the very souls of their people with all of their bullsh*t and ridiculous rules and spy on the people to make sure that they are as f*cking miserable as the twats that enforce them.

Ghost Particle said…
i hear u easy it is to become happy, how hard it is to become angry and how harder to return to happiness. wish the whole world can dance to a tune, a sane one. god bless.

for now, lets celebrate our sanity and do the dance...wohooo!

Gledwood said…
I was pondering how they must've done that... then realized they probably rented out Victoria Station from something like an hour after closing time till just before opening time, which HAS to be time enough to get a few secs of people dancing... even though I know ad makers seem to luuurve spending as much time as possible getting the simplest things right...
Ghost Particle said…
hey gledwood...well its kinda like a flash mob thing. they just do it spontaneously. its amazing actually...but planning for this ad must be something like what you said. there is even a making video...where they practiced the night before.
Nachi said…
lol!! yesh...groove baby groove...

Nahuatl said…
This is why we should make learning musicality mandatory in schools.

Music can drive us to betterment in life and everything. Instead of scheming political plans, if you connect to people via something like this, there is no need to create bombs and war.
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] LOL. when is the next groovin session?

[nayan] so true bro. what we see now is that music is pushed to the back seat, i learned it during early primary, then nothing else. i believe music, arts and movies can change perceptions of relationships and universal understanding. lets make a difference, we can :)

thanks bro.
Miladysa said…
I want to take part in one of these but not to advertise a company - perhaps in aid of a cause :D

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