Wednesday, February 4

Silenced For Today



Nachi said...

I am politically motivated, religiously fueled and racially 'polluted'...

...i would like to hear the world over perpetrators of such crimes actually say those words; in a whisper at least, if not in loud ringing tones.

bro, sadly, i do not know the truth about the LTTE and Tamils and the Sinhalese. what is the history behind them all. so i shall refrain from saying anything much here. half truths and incomplete information are dangerous.

all i can do is pray for the souls of the innocent.

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] that is why so many atrocities goes unnoticed, and thats why most from our generation chose to stay silent or ignore.

we start at the basics, war is bad. and this is a civil war. this wiki tells in detail of the Sri Lankan tamils:

Tamils are the minority of Lanka. After Independence from the Brits, through some vague political moves, the majority Sinhalese government imposed laws that disfranchised and pushed the tamils away from mainstream policies and developments. its always the minorities of a country that get trashed for political ambitions.

and in the process of annihilation, and the self annihilation of the ensuing civil wars in Lanka, the innocent gets killed. its not much better than Gaza, and whats more painful is to digest the fact that the SLArmy not paying two hoots to what the international is saying and are bulldozing the Tamils.

why is it not favorable for anyone in this so called liberation is that the sinhalese (majority of the country) has traditionally hated the Tamils. and when now the LTTE wiped out, the riots, and one sided civil war will continue to wipe out the remaining Tamils out of the country.

all we can pray is for every citizen of earth to have freedom. and the toothless UN and the rest of the world right now are only paying lip service in asking the SLA to stop this war.

Ramesh said...

In 1411 Zheng He had intervened in an earlier war on the island [Sri Lanka], pitting Hindu Tamils from the north against two mutually hostile Sinhalese Buddhist realms in the center and south. Zheng was forced to act when one of the Buddhist rulers, a rebel chieftan, attacked a Ming shore party. In a stroke of military genius, the main body of Sri Lankan troops was lured into a fruitless assault on the fleet, leaving their capital open to easy conquest.

The episode marked the only significant overseas land battle ever fought by a Chinese imperial army. It so strengthened the legitimate king, Parakramabahu VI, that he went on to defeat the Tamils and govern Sri Lanka for 55 years, before the kingdom collapsed into warring divisions once more.

Ramesh said...

So u see it's not a modern issue, the hostilities have been going on for ages. In the land of Skanda what else do you expect?

brocasarea said...

my full support to this cause..:)

Arv said...

No to Terrorism...
Yes to Basic Human Rights..

Jeevan said...

I stand with you for world peace bro. Peace, only gives freedom, to act with there rights and citizenship.

Anonymous said...

i second arv with no to terrorism and yes to basic human rights..

Ghost Particle said...

[vj] history reminds us to not repeat tyranny, vengeance and stupidity. but i do understand ur ending...what do we expect in the land of Skanda. how the curse of the land, eats the people alive. no winner in the end.

[brocasarea] let us pray for peace bro, pray for their lives. thank you.

[arv] hope so brother, lets pray for peace. if theres any of them left in the coming weeks, that would be prayer answered.

[jeevan] so true nanba, with freedom comes responsibility and life. a better future.

[kajal] lets pray for peace, and the lives of the lost ones.

Miladysa said...

I have a great interest in history and yet wonder what it would be like for us to wake up one day and not remember our past differences and the things that divide us.

In this age we know so much about what is happening in other parts of the world and yet we are for the most part still powerless to change it.

I'll join your cry for world peace Ghosty.


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