Monday, February 23

ARR & The Oscars

{update} ARR won both the Oscars for Original Score and Original Song. Could this have been the only time we heard Tamil words at the Oscars?!. (tears...he hit the soft spot, I pull back my reservations...)

Kate Winslet! WOHoooo! Damn you Sean Penn...! Another way to win the Oscars, play Gay! grrr!

Slumdog has won 8/10 including best picture. Danny Boyle...beat David Finch for the Best Direction Oscar...oh my god! WTF!

Still the Dark Night Rules!

Ok folks, shows over, get back to work!

If he wins, its euphoria
If he doesn't win, I bet there will be protests, even riots!
I, though I so do love ARR music, wants Peter Gabriel to win for his amazing 'un-fusioned" song from Wall-E!
I dont want Slumdog to win because the fcking Oscar committee didn't nominate MY Dark Knight! (dont try to figure this out)

Where were those days when we watched movies for its beauty, message, and good acting and fine songs (I am Indian btw) instead of movie politics.

I just found out I'm the only one in my family and possibly the clan who hasn't watched Slumdog Millionaire. It felt like being an outcast last night, watching Liverpool blow another match while everyone at home were talking about Slumdog and Rahman! I wished it was Saturday night, had loads of fun being alone. Taking pride for a movie made not by your countrymen! Bleh! We make 900 movies a year and some dude made the best movie ever of Mumbai? Oh wait, damn...Gandhi was not local either! Maniratnam should have won Oscars a long time ago! Oscar talks...god I so dont want to hear my grandma say it next....that will be the day!

What's sadder... there will be power cuts the whole morning till afternoon today! No Oscars bah! I so wanted to watch Hugh Jackman...damn dude...All the best!

Have a happy Monday guys!



brocasarea said...

hope he wins it..atleast for his hard work and dedication...

Ghost Particle said...

bro, well we can settle for that. a culmination for his great service to Indian cinema.

Donn Coppens said...

Dude, Slumdog & Boyle deserved to win.
I should have seen Penelope and Penn..these things always seem obvious after. Ledger, Winslet and Wall E were locks so I was pretty close.

They need to can all the technical awards nobody is interested. They could do the whole thing in one hour.

Ghost Particle said...

hey Donn!

well I understand what Slumdog means to you, foreigners love the movie. the thing is, half of the movies that come out of India every year is a Slumdog Millionaire! this is rape :) but lets celebrate art :)

and so damn agree with you, the show should be done in an hour. Such a worthless piece of old school film making 'appraisal show'.

Btw...The Dark Knight just made a Billion bucks at the cinemas, numbers cant go wrong bro :D

Arv said...

A Shameful Year for The Oscars (except for the acting genres)...

I dont see anything great in his music... entertaining - yes, original - NO, deserves Oscar - HELL NO.

I dont know abt you bro... that SD word when uttered in slums could get you killed... its an offensive slur...

Kavi said...

I think its an important milestone ! and there is more to come !

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] bro! finally someone who did not bash me for hating the movie. Im telling you, its an insult to let the movie win, let alone brand it as an Indian movie. Has the second biggest movie industry became so lame as to let a British movie be branded Indian? And I understand your logic on SD, someone in Chennai warned me the same.

And yes about Rahman too, but again lets look it as a life achievement awards. I hope he doesn't win again, and yes there is no originality there...i wonder if the awards category even seems the process of making OST's for Indian centric movies. Im so sadenned by the fact that Wrestler n Bruce Springsteen did not make it at all :( And not even the ever superb Peter Gabriel. bah!

for now lets jump of the rahman bandwagon, and celebrate a Tamil :)

[kavi] sir, I agree with you on the milestone. sadly there is no way Upwards to ARR in this hollywood music world, it doesnt work the same. His soul is in India and its confined to Maniratnam only. :)

Princess said...

hi gp,

I cannot even think anything against Rahman's score in the movie..
but yeah! I really wondered what different is the movie to have got so many other awards..

And regarding the book you hv said to send: I cannot share my address.. sorry.. Was just curious to let you know first about the 50k hit.. Thank you anyway for the mention.


Jeevan said...

Whether I watch or not, I wish good films reach people and run its best for the worth. We are enjoying the Oscar for ARR for a man with individual talent. It was a moment when he expressed his joy in tamil ella pugalum… ARR great.

Ghost Particle said...

[aiz] well...its whether we want to be too critical about it or just be a good listener to the music. its all for the good anyway, lets celebrate his achievement. :)

and no worries about the address, its just a goodwill gift, i do that with my competitions. :)

[jeevan] only for that bro, tamil ella pugalum. :)

Manisha said...

hey gp , u r not alone in not watching this movie ..... i also haven't seen it as yet ....didn't feel like .... maybe will catch it over the weekend .

Anonymous said...

is there another way??

Ghost Particle said...

[manisha] watch it and tell me how it is. ill wait longer...its too hyped...and ill get angry now if i do watch it.

[aiz] there must be...think of something na :)

Stupidosaur said...

I haven't watched ''. You are not alone.

Oh wait have you watched it by now? Then I guess I am alone :P.

Anyways forget 'is it Indian movie or not question'.

The thing is, to be nominated, movie's got to be in the Oscar radar.

You cant expect Mani Ratnam's movies to be in Oscar's radar.

Rahman has made a lot of better songs than this one. But you cant expect anyone to seek you out. You gotta be 'on the Radar'.

So just look at the positive sight.
Whether Indian or not, its put some Indian talent 'on the Radar'

Ghost Particle said...

hey, no havent watched it yet. will let this slide away for a few years :)

i agree, the least they can do is this, given they have conviniently ignored indian music for a good century...or has the showbiz politics ignored indian music for a good century.

rahman, and mani and other India movie makers are vindicated by us, the viewers who have grown to the art and cultural importance of their works.



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