Wednesday, February 18


i just noticed my hit counter standing at 49995. Anyone who visits here and notices it to be 50000 and 50001, buzz me. Something special for you.

not that it matters much, most blogs dont have hit counters at all. i just want to get the demographics of my visitors, so that i can cut some crap from what I write, focus more towards topic centric, season centric and country specific writings and well write good, different stuff. Its all about connecting to people. Im done with ass-smooching, its so damn lame. Today i see the blog-o-spehere is full of crap. I mean real crap, have people lost sense of what to write? Dont they plan even a bit of what it should be, the outcome, or even produce something original. Whats with emo posts week in and week out? I mean share your pain, dont act out something thats not there. It goes to everything else too. I particularly HATE this blog-awards. Sorry to all those innocent readers who gave em to me, all that I received, I am happy for. I just think that its so boring and downright an abuse of good blog space by doing that. URGH! (dont worry, im not drunk. yet).

where is the innocence in blogging? I had a good talk with Karthi back in Bangalore. It all makes sense now, there is just too much repeating info online that we are not using this medium for something good. By good means, by spreading pristine, new info. We cant do that all the time, but at least there must be some way to seep in some innocence into posts. Even simply uploading a picture tells some well grounded, beautiful information about people to people. In the future I hope to quote well written posts from time to time. Blogging is about aggregating the best you find out there. Right now, I cant find more than a dozen or so really good blogs, written from raw experience, from the heart except for the blogs of Kavi sir, Jeevan, Miladysa, Neha (dgypsy), Nachi (even if he writes like once in a hundred years!)., Donn 'the Man' Coppens, Gautami., Pauline and a few more. I'd love to see Alok, Nayan, Pallavini and the rest of the old school gang come back blogging. We are loosing an artform taken over and trashed by...*gasp* Zombie Teenagers! It feels like damn Friendster in here sometimes...urgh. Im not going to blog jump at random anymore.

oh btw, I think 2/3 of the good folks who won the Guess 2 competition got their books last week. Pardon my gift wrapping skills, I suck at that. Yes. I still have many more unclaimed, please please do buzz me with your addresses. If you dont want any books, I can get you Pro accounts for Flickr, or anything else of the same value through Paypal. BUZZ ME.

cheers folks. I need a week or two more to return to routine, hopefully with something better to write.

and its fever season...wishing speedy recovery to all you who are down with the flue, fever, etc. The best medicine is to drink ice cold water :D

If you're not bored with me yet:


Arv said...

LOL... solid rant bro... wonder wat triggered it off... will talk to ya in the evening... :)

you take care bro... rest well... cheers..

p.s. went to the doc, seems to be a bad throat infection and have given samples for test.

brocasarea said...

nice thought there....too much emot really sucks man...

ur hit counter is 49999!!!

and where is my book??..;)

Princess said...

it has reached it pal...

Princess said...

50,000 hits koool..

repeat posts are most common friend..
and awards I dunno what to say.. for some it acts as encouragement nah! to write more...

but original posts and originality is always honoured.


gautami tripathy said...

Hope I get another FAT Wally lamb!


Ghost Particle said...

hey guys...LOL...ok now im confused. Who got here when its 50000 or 50001? :D

Nahuatl said...

gah.. 50009

life is bad these days.. everywhere

Nahuatl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nahuatl said...

50000 must be some troll passing by.
consider urself lucky not eaten.

Cinderella. said...

You shoulda told me you put up a rant post bhai !
You know I love your rant !!!

Good for me I came here after like ages in the right time...I wouldnt wanna miss this...mwahahaha.....

India does you so good !
Thou rocketh !!

Cinderella. said...

And oh that 50 thousand hit thing was well...unimpressive, takin into account you dnt write emo !

Ghost Particle said...

LOL brother, how do u like work and hit counts. relax relax.

ok 50k is somewhere in Tamilnadu....i guess Arv is the one!


pratap, check ur comments please. :(

gautami...ill get u another giant book when i come to india.

princess, i agree with awards...but then there are like damn too much and too childish ones.

Ghost Particle said...

Girl! u came back. where r u now?

yeh yeh rant post coz u know what and who. LOL.

Nachi said...

this is one rant that i completely agree with. gone are the days when i could randomly hit 'next blog' and get something worthwhile for my efforts...nowadays its all about tags (which i am so often heaped upon) and repeat posts. personally speaking, even the daily tid-bits of life have become quite frivolous and insignificant. i guess i have to go back to the soup bowl and start to focus more there...there is just so much that needs to be said, learned and shared. and words are our means of doing so.

i am not willing to let it all go to waste after all this time. time is something that i am consistently running short of. but i must find a way, as must we all. my blog started 4 years ago as a means to mapping my journey across places, people, academics and life in general. a look at what i have been at various points in time through the various stuff that i have written. i have seen the contours of my travels since then...and i too have noticed a gnawing absence of quality. we don't need a daily time-table of our existence. we need to reach out and exist.

...there will be much more introspection at my end....

& damn the flu!! it got us both, eh?


Ghost Particle said...

nachi! now i guess the flue n fever brought out alot of good from our heads!

loved ur comment! yes, this is more than a mere diary moment, blogs are a new chapter in information dissemination and management. when we reduced pen and paper, we must not reduce the content in whatever medium.

i guess its time for serious brainstorming. ill wait for exams, work and all to finish. will come out with some ideas. :)

hugs brah.

Ghost Particle said...

Nayan, 50009 aint a bad number u know...probably we cud name our future club with it. :D or a cocktail to celebrate misery of job downsizing! :( learn to smile learn to smile...i keep tellin myself. hugs brah!

Ghost Particle said...

Ok this is the 50000th hit.

Continent : Asia
Country : India (Facts)
State/Region : Tamil Nadu
City : Tiruppur

Who is from Tiruppur? Arv?

50001 is claimed by Vj aka BBD.

vesperinlimbo said...

First of all, I'm not a fan of reposting, unless it's done extremely well.

Secondly, I don't believe in 100% pristine new information. It just isn't possible because our medium, language, is shared and passed along. We are always re-inventors, not inventors.

Ghost Particle said...

[kristen] i agree to. we cant get new info all the time, even with all the effort we put it, its always some sort of rehash. the thing is, if its interesting enough, people will like it. it depends too on who has the most unique content, and reachable to everyone.

btw...i repost my poems and stories sometimes :D

thanks kristen :)

Ghost Particle said...

arv, bro...throat infection mst be bad! im havin one now :(

btw...i still owe u a book for the guess competition...plz do send me ur address. (mail me i mean :P)

brocasarea said...

ohk..will check it out and let u know..thank u:)..

brocasarea said...

Got your book:-) its really good..Thanks:)...And am def reading it...

Kavi said...

You must have been in some mood for that GP !!

Anyways, i cant complain. For obvious reasons ! :) Thank you !

50000 hits ! Phew !!! Man ! Thats some number !

Congratulations ! And about the some good blogs out there, i guess we may have to dig deeper. But they are there !


Congratulations once again. And you can pass that book to me as well ! ;)

I am reader you see !!

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] sir...pass me ur address. and thank you for the inspiration all this while :)

Karthi said...

50097. Finally numbers mean something,

Princess said...

it was me yaar..
i went to my cousin's place in cbe and i dunno why it shows thiruppur..


Jeevan said...

I removed the counter ones I felt those are just numbers and the important thing is I share. If not we haven’t known each others personally isn’t.

I know I am one of those readers gave u award! Thanks to mention me as someone well write hehe…
anyway congrats, for our future advance here :)

Ghost Particle said...

Karthi, thats a nice number :) guess what, I got 50100 :D

Jeevan...thanks pa. Actually I dont mind the awards, if and when it comes from gentle souls who are honest. I hate the wholesale awards shows to crappy new bloggers who write...hemmm...crap! :D

i hope you keep writing as long as you can nanba, you are my inspiration. hugs.

Aiz! Naan mistake paniten, friend was telling me it must be you, since you commented on the numbers. now, mail me ur add, Ill send u a book :) take care :)

Stupidosaur said...

Lord save the Ring!
I, the zombie cometh ;) on blogworld!

Oh wait what did I say there?
Lord save the Ring? I meant Lord save the Earth.
Actually it would have made sense if we lived on Saturn.

I am very far from being and having the 50000th visitor.

Ghost Particle said...

Welcome back dino! :D

Nahuatl said...

Hullo everyone!
GP is going to award every one once in every next 1000 hits :)

So the chain is like this -
"Oscar goes to ....."
54000.... :D

Ghost Particle said...

Nayan! LOL. ok...if postage gets cheaper, I wud do this all the time bro.

how is u?


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