Saturday, February 28


I found my scrapbook from 12 yeas ago!
high school, basketball diaries, angry teachers, crazy friends, bicycles, motorbikes, first love, ditching school, forever fields, oh my god!
The 90's
When the air was still pristine,
the Internet was a less corrupting force,
X-files was still on air,
Everyone had a license to be naive, and
I was plotting World Domination!
Sniff sniff...happy tears.

i forgot I was an epic dreamer even back then! wohooo!

[+] am gonna make the book disappear for another...10 years! :D Have a safe safe weekend my friends, wherever you travel, in whatever you do and whoever you meet, just pass the love and thank this world for everything you have. And remember: Rule The World!

Monday, February 23

in awe

in awe, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.

[+] My Rain forest Series

ARR & The Oscars

{update} ARR won both the Oscars for Original Score and Original Song. Could this have been the only time we heard Tamil words at the Oscars?!. (tears...he hit the soft spot, I pull back my reservations...)

Kate Winslet! WOHoooo! Damn you Sean Penn...! Another way to win the Oscars, play Gay! grrr!

Slumdog has won 8/10 including best picture. Danny Boyle...beat David Finch for the Best Direction Oscar...oh my god! WTF!

Still the Dark Night Rules!

Ok folks, shows over, get back to work!

If he wins, its euphoria
If he doesn't win, I bet there will be protests, even riots!
I, though I so do love ARR music, wants Peter Gabriel to win for his amazing 'un-fusioned" song from Wall-E!
I dont want Slumdog to win because the fcking Oscar committee didn't nominate MY Dark Knight! (dont try to figure this out)

Where were those days when we watched movies for its beauty, message, and good acting and fine songs (I am Indian btw) instead of movie politics.

I just found out I'm the only one in my family and possibly the clan who hasn't watched Slumdog Millionaire. It felt like being an outcast last night, watching Liverpool blow another match while everyone at home were talking about Slumdog and Rahman! I wished it was Saturday night, had loads of fun being alone. Taking pride for a movie made not by your countrymen! Bleh! We make 900 movies a year and some dude made the best movie ever of Mumbai? Oh wait, damn...Gandhi was not local either! Maniratnam should have won Oscars a long time ago! Oscar talks...god I so dont want to hear my grandma say it next....that will be the day!

What's sadder... there will be power cuts the whole morning till afternoon today! No Oscars bah! I so wanted to watch Hugh Jackman...damn dude...All the best!

Have a happy Monday guys!


Wednesday, February 18


i just noticed my hit counter standing at 49995. Anyone who visits here and notices it to be 50000 and 50001, buzz me. Something special for you.

not that it matters much, most blogs dont have hit counters at all. i just want to get the demographics of my visitors, so that i can cut some crap from what I write, focus more towards topic centric, season centric and country specific writings and well write good, different stuff. Its all about connecting to people. Im done with ass-smooching, its so damn lame. Today i see the blog-o-spehere is full of crap. I mean real crap, have people lost sense of what to write? Dont they plan even a bit of what it should be, the outcome, or even produce something original. Whats with emo posts week in and week out? I mean share your pain, dont act out something thats not there. It goes to everything else too. I particularly HATE this blog-awards. Sorry to all those innocent readers who gave em to me, all that I received, I am happy for. I just think that its so boring and downright an abuse of good blog space by doing that. URGH! (dont worry, im not drunk. yet).

where is the innocence in blogging? I had a good talk with Karthi back in Bangalore. It all makes sense now, there is just too much repeating info online that we are not using this medium for something good. By good means, by spreading pristine, new info. We cant do that all the time, but at least there must be some way to seep in some innocence into posts. Even simply uploading a picture tells some well grounded, beautiful information about people to people. In the future I hope to quote well written posts from time to time. Blogging is about aggregating the best you find out there. Right now, I cant find more than a dozen or so really good blogs, written from raw experience, from the heart except for the blogs of Kavi sir, Jeevan, Miladysa, Neha (dgypsy), Nachi (even if he writes like once in a hundred years!)., Donn 'the Man' Coppens, Gautami., Pauline and a few more. I'd love to see Alok, Nayan, Pallavini and the rest of the old school gang come back blogging. We are loosing an artform taken over and trashed by...*gasp* Zombie Teenagers! It feels like damn Friendster in here sometimes...urgh. Im not going to blog jump at random anymore.

oh btw, I think 2/3 of the good folks who won the Guess 2 competition got their books last week. Pardon my gift wrapping skills, I suck at that. Yes. I still have many more unclaimed, please please do buzz me with your addresses. If you dont want any books, I can get you Pro accounts for Flickr, or anything else of the same value through Paypal. BUZZ ME.

cheers folks. I need a week or two more to return to routine, hopefully with something better to write.

and its fever season...wishing speedy recovery to all you who are down with the flue, fever, etc. The best medicine is to drink ice cold water :D

If you're not bored with me yet:

Sunday, February 15

Goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.

goodbye's are not forever
that is the essence of life
something that permeates existence
that i learned, and lived
on purpose
wishing for full abandon
of ego
of the chains of destiny and fate
dreaming and living
to see this scapes
of beauty
history and culture
in each jump
among the sands of time
you find miracles
of survival
that teaches more
than your age
in this world

goodbye, goodbye

Monday, February 9


the big temple at Tanjavur, Brihadeeswarar temple

Ghosting Thanjavur on the Chola trail
visiting the greatest works of the Tamil civilization
and some of the most beautiful and important temples
in Trichy, Tanjavur, Kumbakonam and Chidambaram

[+] The Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur, the Brihadisvara Temple at Gangaikondacholisvaram and the Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram are World Heritage Sites.

[#] Will update my flickr later on, sieving through 2000 photos will take time :D

[#] Travelers Ghost, Saravanan, Padmanathan, Sri Hari

Friday, February 6

endless nights


in this forests
we trekked
along mysterious trails

looking up
among the canopies
shards of rays
from broken symmetries
of the leaves
illuminate the creatures
of the forest floor

and the smile
on your face
as i held out my hand
and led you to heavens
i cant forget

as it haunts me
in many dreams
in different days
and lives

dreams alive

Wednesday, February 4

Silenced For Today

wither the bastards of ceylon, we will stand here today, silenced. for tomorrow you will answer for your atrocities.

you may try to silence the tigers. you may succeed. but you cant silence the Tamil spirit. we will seek peace and life, from where ever we are, we will seek the rights for a homeland for our nameless brothers and sisters from Lanka.

the sri lankan army and the sinhalese government are involved in ethnic cleansing. in the name of liberating the Tamil minority from the clutches of LTTE, many generations of Tamils from Lanka are killed and exterminated by pure political greed of the sinhalese government. the tigers, whom they portray as enemies and terrorist actually appear as saviors of the Tamil voices of Jaffna from the sure genocide that was started decades ago by the sinhalese government. today we see even the mighty tigers pushed to the brink. Who is left now to defend the Tamils in Lanka?

though the world is blinded today, from many genocides across the world, history will be our witness. peace will happen, and the masters of greed today will see their ideologies burn on the roads to the future.

lets stay united for world peace.

[disclaimer] i do not condone or support terrorist acts, at the same time, i wont stay silent watching genocide unfolding in front of our eyes. why ask us to shed tears for Gaza when the Tamils of Lanka and the souls of Darfur are murdered. what makes one dead body more precious than the other. speak out, for only this remains our last hope for positive outcome.

I welcome balanced, intelligent conversation and comments. everything else will be deleted, especially politically motivated, religiously fueled and racially 'polluted' comments.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny