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there goes the weekend

the horse and man
somebody must do something to 'enliven' the government museum in Chennai
utterly disappointed
what on earth am I doing going to museums anyway!

[#] in future memories of the Smithsonian and the Louvre and the Egyptian museum...


Nachi said…
a horse and a man!the two long gone boners...sheesh!! why do they even go to the trouble of comparing. as if everyone didn't know. anyways, what is the dead fella trying to do?? tickle the dead horse's funny bone??

and what the hell are you doing? that too in a museum?

...guess the astrologer let you out early. so what did he say? :)
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] bro, come to think of it...this is a weird combo. i mean but why? oh and there were whale skeletons as well...and a couple whale heads, stuffed crocodiles and a whole lot of dead animals! gasp!

i went to the museum on Saturday bro...i told u right?

astrologer...was depressing...i wonder why i keep on doing such silly stuff...
the good thing is i made friends :D oh and learned some Japanese...there was a Japanese lady who came to get her nadi readings...konichiwa...arigato gozaimastu, etc.

sooner or later am gonna be a reader myself... 'your name is nachi, you like cranberry icecream, playing pranks on ppl, sleeping...and saad, and will get married in a few years and have kids...' get the drift? how general everything can get, yet how specific it sounds at moments. sigh.
Femin Susan said…
Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting...Keep writing..
brocasarea said…
same here...Vishweshwaraya museum is in really bad state!:(
Nachi said…
lmao!! Ghosty predicts...

'your name is Nachi, you like cranberry icecream, playing pranks on ppl, sleeping...and saad, and will get married in a few years and have kids...'

#1. Hell no, for Saad!
#2. the kids i can spoil rotten,
#3. but a wifey i have to find first (unless i take the unconventional route, considering the prankster that i am) and even if i do manage to find one, i have to convince myself to get married.
#4. Cranberry ice cream i do love...

1 out of 4. you suck as an astrologer!

...i told you! run! but you were like, "Noooo...i want to know if i shall be marrying Sushmita Sen."

Nahuatl said…
lol @ Nachi =D

What the heck r u doing gp?? Stop shooting horse man! Dead or alive!
First lallu and now this!

What the......!?!
Arv said…
the last time I was there was a junior high trip... LOL...

I like the drama theater though...
Miladysa said…
Hmmm maybe you could use those bones to play a tune?

You went to see an astrologer? I always wanted to get my chart done :D What star sign are you Ghosty?
Pauline said…
Searching for answers my friend? Aren't we all doing the same thing perhaps just looking in different places. Life seems to be a search and rescue mission. Big hug from a friend that has not forgotten you.
Ghost Particle said…
thx for the comments guys...time is space is eating me. will be back, be there, be with everyone in time. hugs and love.
Ghost Particle said… a Sagittarian :) can we call it saggitarian? :D
Miladysa said…
A fire sign like me :D

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