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President Obama

We, the people of earth, welcome President Obama

....get ready for an amazing ride guys! the timeless words of Robin Williams, 'the reign of error has ended!'

Despite the doom and gloom of everything this year,
Obama brings so much hope, it genuinely feels inspiring seeing the man take oath and the new first family :)

Its going to be a great 2009


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vesperinlimbo said…
Obama Obama Obama!!!!
Kavi said…
You bet ! I have been watching the inaguration with great hope !@
Miladysa said…
Fingers crossed!
Nahuatl said…
Its a good start.
Alok said…
i was expecting a post on this from u :) as Miladysa said .. "Fingers crossed"
Leni Qinan said…
It won't be esy, but it's an excellent change. Thank gawd 'the reign of error has ended' :)
Homo Escapeons said…

Despite the huge pile of crap that Dubya left for him to clean up, I can't help but believe that he is the right guy in the right place at the right time.


Nachi said…
grrr!! time to post brah!! i want the 'almost-killed-someone-with-an-auto-rickshaw-in-Chennai' story.

better still. put up pics of the ice cream hunt!!


...i know,i am wicked!
Ghost Particle said…
[vesper] Obama...chaaaaange! ok this reminds me of south park :D

[kavi] this is a great beginning sir :)

[milady] all went well...and all hopefully must go well in the future :) hugs.

[nayan] yes it is bro. lets hope it goes on well.

[alok] we'll pray for him to succeed bro :)

[leni] amen. :) he will do good, there is this strong feeling that we are in for a good world changing life :)

[donn] yes! u said it well, the world over is rejoicing :)

[nachi] bro...sorry to has been a boring day. there was not much to tell about the auto guy...i was on the way to the hospital and this drunk guy just crossed the road!!! and no pics of the ice cream hunt bro...i was advised not to carry big cams during day time in da out...sigh. im too damn tired...went to the museum bloody sucked :(
Ashu said…
hi brother, how r u?
welcome to India, hope u enjoy the travel :)
Ashu said…
hi I am jeevan kumar's cousin
Nachi said…
Ashu: hi! Jeevan's cousin..

venus66 said…
A good change I believe.
How are you GP? Been a long time. You are back to India again?
Ghost Particle said…
[ashu] hello brother, thank you :) i am loving it, again and again :) say hi to jeevan :)

[venus] hi, im fine. how r u? yes im back at 'home' again :)
venus66 said…
I am doing good GP. Take care.

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