Monday, January 19


happy elephant
sandstone sculpture, Kailasnatha temple, 8th century AD.

he does look like Horton right...? :P

[#] Travels in Kanchipuram, travelers: Sri Hari, Padmanathan, Vanathi, Ghost, Kumar, Murthy.
[#] Will update the rest of the pictures in my flickr very soon. [Ghost Flickr]


Arv said...

must have been a kewl trip mate... hope to catch up with ya soon... cheers...

Kavi said...

Neat !!

Call up..when you have time. Or pass me your number..!

Jeevan said...

cool! happy traveling brother :)

Miladysa said...

Sweet :D

I think elephants are special creatures. That sculpture is special too - you can get a real sense of the animal's personality. All these hundreds - thousands - of years later the sculpturer lives on through his work.


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