Friday, January 30


...hoping for everything to end fast, end good.

~find me here, for short eternities

[feast of minds]

thirty three

in my magnetic drives
throws us back a lifetime
into the warm evenings
of the rain forests
and misty, cold

ghosts of generations
runs past, unrelenting, blind
from memories
and us

as we struggle
in this staggering world
to live another beautiful eternity
maybe this end
will remain
as death
~and no rebirths

ending, rebirth


Arv said...

wow, beautiful... wat was the inspiration? :)

Jeevan said...

What does this means thirty three? These lines look me as a wish!

Homo Escapeons said...

I'm almost certain that the ladies in the audience would not appreciate having everything
end fast?

I am curious about you are prolly well aware, it is completely incomprehensible to those of us living in the West. We have been so indoctrinated with the purpose of living once for the sole purpose of being judged fro all eternity concept that a do-over sounds too good to be true.

Awesome poem..
this is a staggering world.

Nachi said... doink!


Ghost Particle said...

[arv] hey bro. its from all the past memories, yesterday memories that withered during days end.

[jeevan] in the new blog im not putting post titles pa, instead its numbers. thank you nanba :)

[donn] LOL, so true so true. but sometimes ending fast, means time for other things. in many aspects.

i understand your definition, it is but a notion, an idea of being born again to salvation, for absolution of the sins that made the eastern cultures believe in rebirth. it gives a kind of assurance that there might be something else, something more :)

thanks bro :)

[nachi] LOL! :p

Miladysa said...

Wouldn't it be great to have all those ghosts together? :D


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny