Friday, January 30


...hoping for everything to end fast, end good.

~find me here, for short eternities

[feast of minds]

thirty three

in my magnetic drives
throws us back a lifetime
into the warm evenings
of the rain forests
and misty, cold

ghosts of generations
runs past, unrelenting, blind
from memories
and us

as we struggle
in this staggering world
to live another beautiful eternity
maybe this end
will remain
as death
~and no rebirths

ending, rebirth

Monday, January 26

there goes the weekend

the horse and man
somebody must do something to 'enliven' the government museum in Chennai
utterly disappointed
what on earth am I doing going to museums anyway!

[#] in future memories of the Smithsonian and the Louvre and the Egyptian museum...

Wednesday, January 21

President Obama

We, the people of earth, welcome President Obama

....get ready for an amazing ride guys! the timeless words of Robin Williams, 'the reign of error has ended!'

Despite the doom and gloom of everything this year,
Obama brings so much hope, it genuinely feels inspiring seeing the man take oath and the new first family :)

Its going to be a great 2009


Air and Simple Gifts - John Williams
Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, etc

Monday, January 19


happy elephant
sandstone sculpture, Kailasnatha temple, 8th century AD.

he does look like Horton right...? :P

[#] Travels in Kanchipuram, travelers: Sri Hari, Padmanathan, Vanathi, Ghost, Kumar, Murthy.
[#] Will update the rest of the pictures in my flickr very soon. [Ghost Flickr]

Friday, January 16


is rocking :)
in our hearts

in life
in love
in travels
in tomorrows
there is something about Chennai that makes you want to come over and over again...

Chennai Sangamam

The performance at TNagar yesterday
(was standing too far at the back, no closeups)

here's the video from my cell :)

[#] Today is the last day of the Chennai Sangamam, an amazing Tamil cultural festival organized by Tamil Mayman and taking place all around Chennai (10/1 to 16/1). Today is the last day of the festival with the Finale being held at Elliots Beach at Besant Nagar. So if you can brave the crowd, be ready for one hell of a show, Sivamani the percussionist will be performing together with many other performance.

Saturday, January 10


"this is for India"
ARRahman - Best Composer, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Song - Bruce Springsteen - The Wrestler

Critics Choice Award

[update] Add a globe to that! - (The Golden Globe Awards) Best Original Score- Motion Picture
Slumdog Millionaire - Composed by A. R. Rahman

[#] Certainly one giant leap for ARR, hope he wins all of his other nominations this year. Oscar 09 seems inevitable :)

Friday, January 9

too many endings

The move took a lot of time. I hoped, when we made the decision to get out of this apartment and town for good last year to make it happen over a weekend. But it took a good 4 months to come to this day. So many things happened in that time, from a soul tired and dead to the sudden jump into high gear, to the passport-visa-ticket-India in 10 days, to coming back and then now returning to Chennai next week. All seems surreal, who said life is not like movies :) Things do happen. After 6 years at this place, we are finally moving out. One cant even start to imagine renting for that long at one place, but we did.

This town and apartment brings so much memories. If for the first two decades of my life, I was on the roller coaster ride at home, growing up, growing sane, the last decade was spent away from home gradually sinking into insanity. Some facts of life, not every life will end up sweet and good, not all journeys will be smooth sailing. University, work, post graduate research and back to work, and that's not even a fraction of my life here. But this apartment and crazy town adds the soul and life to it. Some strange power told me not to return home when I graduated back in 2002 and I know now I made the right decision. I would have never matured into better directions, nor would I learned of the true nature of humans back at my hometown. So that's how the now legendary 6 years of my life began.

This four walls witnessed the rise and downfall of my bid for a tiny glory in science, how my love for space and physics blossomed and then withered. I regretted all that for months and years, and then during the latter years I realized how good it was to go through it early on. The failures, if it never happened would never have made me appreciate the opportunities around me. And again, I would not have met the right people if not for the misery and subsequent struggle to find salvation on the Internet. Fate or destiny or plain luck, who knows. It feels good now knowing I have battle scars. That's life's lessons one wont forget and are more than willing to part for a better future.

And the doors to this shelter for the past 6 years saw countless characters walk in and out. This place served as a halfway home for many dozens and many of those faces that I never saw again. Life flourished here, helped many and opened many hearts. We never said no, we never turned people back. Every week, weekend and holidays we would spend time to entertain travelers from back home on their jumps, on their ways interviews and job placements, students and travelers lost maybe but many among them who have found solutions by the time they left. And amazingly, all this without the knowledge of my good landlord, god bless their fine souls. I just wish sometimes, that at moments they too reflect and remember what good this place did for them. It is a special place, whether they realize it or not, something magical they went through in life. And I always thank for the days when I meet one of the travelers from the past who stop for a chat and ask how the place is.

Not forgetting my housemate. Its not a secret that I hated him, but I guess I just wanted him to follow my way. I did not think whether it might suit him or not, but I always wanted the best to happen for him. I'm glad in the past year he realized what it is. And I forgave him and asked his forgiveness from everything when he called me in India one day and made me shed a few tears. He is a brother, travelers who are part of our life. I held to this from early on. And that's why you want to protect them from some cruel realities of life and not to fall into stupid mistakes that you have barely escaped alive. I guess in many negatives, many battles both of us learned a lot of things. There are some best qualities in him that makes him stand out higher than many of the so called friends I have over here and I told him that those will take him far in life. Today he told me he wont ever consider going back to the hometown too, knowing the future there is bleak as ever. He is independent, he lives his life listening to his own rationale. 6 years, and the struggle paid of. If I did not influence him for the better, then God did. Thank you for that, and wish him a good journey ahead.

So in less that 24 hours, I hand over the keys and ride down the hills and back home. One last night, the last silent wind from the hills. There are too many endings in life. I would have settled for less tiring and less soul draining ones, hell if I could pay for it I would! :D But again, who cares of endings when thinking back you had thousands of days of exhilarating joy and sadness, the true extremes of life. I will surely miss the days I just switched off the lights to reflect and travel the universe. Now, for a while at least, I would want to see what life in the crowded part of the city will be. And this time I know, if I don't like it, I can always end it and just!

Good bye Kajang, the town I found life, and my true self. I turn 30 this year, and may this one end open doors to places that doesn't even exist in my dreams. That way I hope to really feel this world many more times :)

Wednesday, January 7


...considering among many things, how the streets of gaza or the jaffna peninsular doesn't bring the same sentiment as protests to free tibet, etc. I choose to remain silent, as fight for dirt doesn't merit outbursts of blog whine. except this one post.

but its sad not to be able to say, i choose to remain silent over the dead children and women. men are condemned to relive their past, both the zionist regime and the hamas and over here, the sla and the ltte. they dont know how those bloodied bodies, even if its only on paper and on screen, can convey deadly anger around the world. they have no idea.

the end.

Monday, January 5

The Only New Years Resolution

be consistent!

*sadly, nothing has been consistent in this 5 days of the new year, Internet is screwed up, work is in a mess, new business year budgeting doesn't work, i still need to drive crazy miles this week, Chennai is 10 days away and no tickets, nothing yet!!!!, still havent got time to work on the projects...hope sir can forgive me on this, still havent been eating breakfast for a week now, still havent cleaned up the apartment completely, still havent mailed the books, and the list goes on...oh god...
and not driving near school areas on the first day of schooling... AAAAA!
my new year gift from my clients...rate cuts and a longer payment term...thank you, ill go jump off some cliff now...

maybe i need to learn how to walk, before i can dream of flying...

Saturday, January 3


the dude is back!
my parents and brother returned from India safely today
now I can return to my routine, with less worry
thanks everyone for the help, especially Sri Hari and Manisha

[#] Was tempted to put up another Guess post :P... The pic above is taken at the Brihadeeswarar temple of Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny