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Wolves At Our Doors / Nights and Hope

Another beautiful evening, from the balcony, to the horizon slowly being shredded by darkness. Just a year ago I hated daylight to the point of closing shut the doors and windows during the day. I feel alive at night, I could just feel the flow of matter at nights. There was a world I built out of nights, or darkness, of people living their moments. At nights most of my worries seems to disappear. I still wonder where this floating world is, which star it orbits during my days. On some nights it comes, less often now. I have released it to the universe. It floats on its own will. Strange dreams in real worlds.

In those moments in that world, from the many doors of the glass houses came sounds of invisible creatures. None so enigmatic that the magnificent Wolf. With it's ruby red eyes reflected from incandescence lining the streets, from behind the trees it lives its own destiny. It's eyes scan the landscapes, dreamscapes or playing children. Wolves are creatures of the night. I…

Revisit: Evening Sun

golden sky glowing intensely
tiny birds cruising in streams
paper kites riding the wind, silently
nameless clouds tracing patterns
on a green land with running children
thin pillars of sunlight piercing violently
an evening sun drowning me in dreams

one long string yard after yard
at the end of it a red paper kite
small fingers holding tight
untold joy in her wide eyes
invisible heart beating fast, nervous
children's running, playing, happy cries

from far north over the hills
above the trees in many shades of green
one single bright blue light curls
magnificent display on heavens screen
slates in time of events so chaotic
my evening sun soon to be insignificant
in short minutes raindrops on my palms
another dream for some other time



Ok this is wall right. And its not a very tall wall. Coz like walls dont age with experience and all others. So you are this wall. And then you ask people to come and sit on it. Come people, now sit on me, I'm a wall. So people sit on it. And you're happy. Wohoo. Happy happy happy. And a fat person comes. And now ur in deep sht, but you have to portray ur a good wall to everyone whose been sitting there all this while. So you tell them, you can handle this. You dont discriminate people, not against anything. So infront of them you let the fat person sit. Wow that mst be fcking heavy. I mean shees, the wall is in strain but then it still shows of its fcking spanking cool. A cool wall. Then others walls are there. Around the world. And they jst like being a wall. Some let ppl sit, some dont. Some are tall and people climb them, but then they cant reach the top coz the wall is an old soul and it keeps getting taller as time passes. Some walls dont like people sitting there for no…

Blogger in Bahasa Malaysia/ Native Language Evolution

Blog Bahasa Malaysia

Blogger is finally out in Bahasa Malaysia. As announced in the Blogger Buzz, blogger has a large following in Malaysia, I guess much much larger than wordpress, so its about time. After Gmail which is out in both Tamil and Malay (a many other native languages), I suppose this is the second product of Google in Malay.

The translation is pretty good if not excellent, and yeh well some of you know why I always say this for Tamil and Malay translations of web related stuff :P , but I can't still understand why some terms still doesn't follow Industry standards or the current trend that's already defined and being used as...umm...Industry standards!!!. And some a downright funny: 'Blogger on the Go - Blogger tak henti henti sibuk'? what the? Blogger on the Go means mobile blogging and not blogger thats busy which the Malay translation here refers to. It just doesn't make sense! Oh well, maybe they would iron this out soon, language translations ha…

The Dark Knight

"Tonight, let's try a social experiment." ~ I'm never going to get time to write a decent review...too darn busy. But managed to catch the movie last night, thank God we had screenings on the 16th itself here, theater was half full, if you cant get tickets, try some far away theater people rarely go to :p I wish I could see the IMAX version, but we have a dead IMAX theater here, useless dead useless wonder why they build it if they dont screen feature films there in Imax format.

Ok the movie, it is more than you'll ever want, more than you'll ever expect, more that what you have ever watched this year, and Joker...made me speechless. It does transcend the comic book genre, after all Batman is not a superhero, he is a real hero, anti-hero, lost soul. Call him whatever you want, but we can probably identify more with him than lets say...Hell Boy! :P

The cast, you can't get a cast like this even if you have a billion bucks and ooze Hollywood hype out of the...,…

age / giants

Of the many paths that diverge in a night, I've often failed to understand age. Whether we are moving forward, or backward, the gains are without magnitude. What experience we collect, in time will wither. This is more of like moments of sadness, sitting and thinking of how time flows forward, stopping not to salvage the cells. The soul feels insignificant. Picture this, you in time, as the sun rises, pages turn, wind blows memories past shallow lights sprayed on walls. You are not moving, but slowly you are realizing that time is eating the past. The walls crumble, and you notice the quantum's of time. No sound here, just shards of glass on the floor, because you didn't see it breaking and falling. Time jumps at this moment, you have slowed it down to comprehend age. Slowly, flipping doors float away into the ceiling. Vibrating cages of atomic lattices are visible now. As you look deeper than ever before. You have crossed the paths of strings, energy, the Planck seconds m…


in another jump the other evening, we landed in a familiar world. i was not alone. she was together with me. this time i managed to see her face. in most lucid's i fail to ascertain their faces. this time it was different. the world was the same from my other dreams. the greenery and the buildings. its either a place of great thinkers, or experiments or its an experiment with life itself. and there are trains everywhere. slow moving coaches, the ends we cant see. she talks with me, gives me directions, but i don't seem to be in any activity. i go to class or whatever gathering that happens, i carry notes that i cant read. and everything is moving. when the evening came, just like a flash, without realizing the day has changed and the evening sky with noctilucent clouds painted the scapes with gray and blue. i noticed still the faces are visible. because they keep talking to me. the path to walk, the roads to take. we walked endlessly. along the way, the road cut through narrow…

One Giant Leap

[#] I owe this to you all. Thank you.

dissolve/ redemption

no reason to say we matter, no reason to say I matter. no new way in this world, now new freedom to be found. scattered souls sparkle the human runways, far away cities dazzle in magazines. sinful nights bleeds away ever so slowly to morning fog. as I awake, to find no sunrise, but everlasting beauty. upon the hills of redemption, what had god given me but hope of floating scents, of good of evil and most importantly of the wanderers. we walked this land, but you claimed to see more than what I have painted. we build this scapes together, great wanderer. open your eyes wider and you might cross into other paintings, open your mind wider and close the chapters one by one. remain an outsider, outcast yourself, it is not this world to see your talents. as your fingers touch, my melting soul, our lives centuries apart, suddenly flows, those rivers cut right through our dreams. maroon fascinations, addictive saffron’s, and ageless fabric, woven artificial just like the master universe. I w…