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Review Rooms / Edges

Review Rooms

Being awake in a dream. As this cycle continue, day after day of the same hue of time. I did not realize for the first few chapters, that I was stuck in lucid worlds. It was always the review of days. As I sat on the couch, or lie on the bed watching the clock ticking on the wall and the review light getting dimmer. It was an experience to die for. It was new, as the edges of that review light always gives out sparkles, then tiny cyclotron lines, and I realize it was time itself magnified, visible to my eyes. And in those lines are electrons tracing back the cracks and permeating whole worlds. And then I'm awake again. This time outside a big building, and I see the floors disappear one by one. Occasionally on summer evenings, when the weather is too dry, my sleeps take me to new experiences. During those lucid's I find others in the review room. And I am sucked into chapters of other lives. I wake up from different moments in time and walk out of the house, or the…

Movies and More Movies

It's summer time again, and what do you get during summers? Well you get a whole lot of summer movies of course. (cheesy cheesy line, worthy of a summer blockbuster :D) And of course the mania will continue till the end of the year....

So the key words and comments of summer movies are: It's awesome dude!, Great, simply great. Fcking stupid, dont go please dont go, oh god not M.Night again!, WTF, 2 hours of crap!, Not another Disney..., Kungfu by a Panda?!, Indy 4 what when? Batman is the best ever, ever! Please kill me now, hulk suck!, Iron Man is an Elitist!, Blockbuster, blockbuster, blockbuster, the popcorn was nice, what the...they still make Harry Potter?, Wall-EEEEEEEE, you watched a movie alone?, no...noooooooooooooo, Transformers was still the best...

The thing is, there's 90% chance that you wont get what you expect from summer releases or any releases for that matter. But then if you are a true fan and can see between the plots, and love more that just planted he…


Early review. Spoilers? Who Cares!

I booked the tickets but couldn't find the time to go. But the movie apparently is so-so only.

Dude: Chandru said movie not nice

Ghost: oh

Dude: he say cannot understand like sivaji

Ghost: oh

Dude: sivaji best he say
* Dasavathaaram is KamalHassans movie where he plays 10 roles, and already they're calling him a genius for that...we'll bring me a good makeup artist and pay him and I can play 100 roles. Does this make you wanna watch a movie? NO! But sadly, I'm a die hard die Kamal fan....I have to catch this movie.
*Sivaji was Rajini's movie which is beyond understanding actually, crap wrapped in candy wrappers.

So this concludes another euphoria or uneventful but blown out of proportions try from Indian cinema. Not to say Hollywood is any better, but just to say, if you have the talents, why waste it on lesser minds? :D

Barack Obama, Yes We Can

A day to remember, History is being made...

Calm in the Swirl of History

Obama Claims Nomination

Obama wins Democratic nomination for president

Barack Obama wins Democratic Nomination

Obama: I will be the Democratic nominee

[+] An excellent article: Calm in the Swirl of History
[#] Watching his rally in St. Paul on CNN now. It's massive, feels like JFK on stage addressing the nation and the world. I want to be there!

Electric Dreams

Hi...I woke up feeling sad today. Nothing changed for weeks. But there are some moments, cherished moments when I feel the whole world is mine. And then back to my depressed self. Sometimes i try to bring back that sweet memories of you and me. Remember the time when we went to the park. That cool yellow evening beside the lake. Kids running around and mothers following, ever watchful of their precious.

Have you ever wondered why some feelings are so vivid and every time we recall it, its like we're there. Even the touches seem to be real. The lotus in the lake, the kites in the sky. I still remember when that cute little girl gave you a flower. What flower was it? I forgot, maybe because you had a soul much elegant than the flower. I don't know. Sometimes it brings tears when you live back all this. But how to hold back memories or feelings...Decisions have to be made. I think were matured enough to think for ourselves, the time to get away from the secure hold of our parents …