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Of Songs

[Zupdate!] Manic week, busy, pain, rain and mosquitoes. Will be back soon.

Oh and the song, one of it is Def Leppards When Love and Hate Collide. The best travel songs ever...when you open the window and shout...I mean sing your heart out!

A song reminded me that we used to sing on our journeys.
We just sang and forgot all else.
It seems silly now,
but it is a good memory.

Formless Memories

i remembered
one day in the rainy seasons
of this balcony at the back of the apartment
a personal space written in my heart
when I was small and seeking life
i stood there looking out
of the fantastical landscapes
and a view over the fallen horizons
where the far end meets the stars
all that I saw with my painfully young eyes

the rain never stopped
centuries upon centuries
when i was figuring out life
in the crazy days of enlightenment
the balcony was still there
with clearer views
of mountains and mists
and far thoughts of beautiful equations
the undulating hills almost speaking
of Maxwellian interpretations
waveforms blind as quantum imaginations

i seek hidden memories
and this balcony
almost certain it was artificial
had not beginning
the ending I don’t know
when it was raining
the mist hanging just outside
and we touched it
it felts like formless water
waves upon waves
cool breezes snatching my soul
for the moments of you and me
were there looking not outside
but at each other
it was the seasons of love
day and nigh…

YNWA Liam Harker

YNWA Liam Harker
We Walk As One
We Sing As One
We Live as One
God Bless You Liam Harker
You'll Never Walk Alone

[+] Liam Harker; Liverpool Fan dying of cancer.
[+] report
[+] Liverpool drew (1-1) with Chelsea for the 1st leg of the 2008 UCL Semifinals today giving Chelsea an away goal advantage. The 2nd leg Semi's will be at Stamford Bridge on the 30th April, where Liverpool must score a goal to level the advantage aggregate.


By now active Facebook users would have found out about their local languages options 'initiative'. Facebook has been recruiting its own users to translate the site for free into local languages. So far according to this Wired article there are about two dozen languages in work. Crowdsourcing seems to be a normal practice of the Web 2.0 business (read: DOTCOM ) community.

This is a stupid act by a company valued at 15 billion dollars to be cheapskate enough to source for free work. Even smaller companies are paying to get Quality translations for their websites. Most of the successful social networking sites choose to PAY and go through tested methods to localize their sites into local languages. I figured that each language would cost less that 40k USD which would include a localization step, QA and DTP work. That is seriously cheap considering the value of these companies and the ad revenue they make in a day, even in an hour!

Please don't volunteer to translate Facebook, …

Oru Kathal Devathai

[#] PC Spring cleaning...or should it be early summer cleaning and Found this gem, a very nice song, superb composition sung by SPB, Chitra. Composer: Shankar Ganesh.
[-] Oru Kadhal Devathai - A love angel (?)
[+] Shankar Ganesh (Music India Online)

[#] Now you can have a nice weekend :D

Hillsborough Disaster

April 15th 2008 is the 19th anniversary of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

Hillsborough 96
Always remembered
We are one family
And You Will Never Walk Alone

[#] The 1989 Hillsborough tragedy took the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters. In many ways, it marked the decline of Liverpool's dominance as England's most successful football club.
[+] Hillsborough Disaster
[+] Heysel Disaster

Dreamers Anthem

Do you look back at your past scribbles and feel that you're not connected with it anymore? I wrote this poem about 3 years ago, published here in January 2005. Somehow rereading it today didn't give me the same feelings and emotions I felt at that time. I wrote this out of immense anger and sadness towards (my) world. I'm kind off numb now to that feelings, in the process of changing myself. How do I explore the past, regain that spirit? Different motivations and a different world. I fought to keep my mind intact, found friends and hope, got lost in this great big world. That was then and It was a true story. Maybe I should learn to dream again...
as i lie awake,
on this cold wet night,
million of miles from my dream,
the universe slowly passing me by,
expanding further into the void,
of my future,

as i lie awake,
dreaming still of my dream,
the thought of when and where,
will i achieve my dreams,
its more than dreams actually,
it's my passion in life,
my silent and warm antidote,

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு


இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்

[#] Dont sit in front of the TV watching the mindless bs that Sun TV and others spew out for the Tamil New Year. Like how many bloody times do you need to watch star interviews? This is a celebrate it! Honestly I dont know how we do it, apart from going to Temple which reminds me...this is not a Hindu festival either, today is a vegetarian day :) Miss home food now :(

Stuck II

Blogging in Support of Tibet

The original post by Miladysa.

Stuck, II
Any Olympic protest by the United States would deeply offend a proud Beijing leadership that hopes the games will show China's emergence as a new world power. It also would run the risk of hindering a host of international efforts the Bush administration needs China's help to solve, including efforts to confront Myanmar's military junta and North Korean and apparently Iranian nuclear programs. China holds a veto on the U.N. Security Council, and the U.S. and Chinese economies, as well as many of the countries' political efforts around the world, are increasingly intertwined. "The problem with a boycott is you end up taking 1.3 billion Chinese — who have different views of democracy, of the U.S., of human rights, but all want the Olympics to be successful — and you turn them all against the U.S.," said Green, an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. "It…

xkcd Calvin and Hobbes

A funny C&H entry from xkcd

[*] There has been lots of C&H homages since the strip was ended in 1995, the strip left a lasting inspiration on many fans. Could be one of the greatest strips of all time.
[+] Complete C&H comics
[+] The Last Great Comic Strip
[+] Every freakin site on Calvin and Hobbes! :D

Green Boots and a Life Too Soon

The weekend was a sad affair, with this depression and work and etc. And then a couple of my favourite bloggers posted about issues pertaining to death. I get so worried thinking about death, well the saddest thing of all I get all sorts of dreams of death since I was a kid. Always disguised them by saying I saw a bug flying in the room, that's why I shouted and woke up from sleep and all those too smart for a little kid lies. The truth is, if there is one damn thing I'm afraid of, its death. And its very bad that sometimes I just 'hang', and get numb thinking of it...and just sit there starring at something for hours!

What really hit me hard over the weekend was Keshi's post about Janice who read it felt the same too. For the months and maybe a year after her last post, . I cant get the words I read there out of my mind, its just playing there every day, I felt so sad, I know many bloggers would have felts the same. Keshi kept commenting on her blog and its just u…


Okay, I'm supposed to update something today. So I wake up, open the mail and what I find? Freaking error correction! And not one or two, Its like going into 32 at the last count! AAAAAAA! The worst thing ever in a translators life is error correction, coz you don't get paid for it...coz its your errors :p hehehehe and you loose the clients confidence in you. Like I said, not a good past few weeks. Hope to be back tonight with a longer post.

:0 oh and did you guys read bout the Olympic flame being extinguished in Paris...those Parisians sure got guts, salut!. I say lets just boycott the Beijing Olympics, the communist government are murderers. Don't watch the channels, don't participate in any events relating to it, and don't buy any Olympics branded products from the sponsors! Here's a list of them, they have blood in their hands. Here's the Torch Relay site.

Free Tibet, Say No To Olympics 2008.

There's Always Someday

Haven't listened to MLTR in a long while, till I read LG's post on them.

[+] Lyrics
There's always someday, someway, somewhere

[#] Probably the hardest thing in life is making people realize what is the best for them, and making them see how hard you've worked and what you have sacrificed for others. They just don't understand. To them, I will just go on with my life, on my path. Hope they pray I don't stop someday and just go away. Searching in the darkness.


The more I see those photos, the more I ask 'Why not me?'
Why don't I get to go there, why don't I get to experience that,
why don't I get to study there, why don't I get to play there,
why don't I get to work there, why don't I get to be with you,
Why not me?
Thank you God I'm not Blind
But I too have a heart
and its really heavy right now
What is this cruel fate
(or blessing in disguise)
that I am going through
or went through
for the past 3 decades
what is this?
Why not me there
and not stuck here
Maybe it's the Me
that made this desire
all too shallow
Why Not Me
whose desires
You don't follow.
*in distant memories
snowflakes in summer
swept under the carpet of time
rain for the sake of desires
tears for the wanting of love
surrender your soul
for He awaits
surrender it to me
for I shall live your life
maybe then
I will get what I deserve
what I desire
in death
maybe I will find
my fate.[#] On that forever morning, he desires for immortality to experience All tomorrows.

Boring April Fools

Don't you just wish you could go back to those naive days in school when every April fools joke makes you laugh (or angry!). Nowadays things are so academic, people go to great lengths in creating the perfect satire. Here are some April fools from the web, if you haven't seen them already.

[+] gDay
[+] GMail Custom Time (they should know we really want this!!!)
[+] Virgle
[+] HandSolo
[+] Flying penguins! (gotta love em Brits)
[+] Some excellent BMW April Fools jokes (links at the bottom of the page)
[+] Top Ten all time?

Last year was cool:
Gmail Paper

But Google fooled the April out of me, for a full 30 minutes, it was exciting damn! Imagine, and I'm not talking about the email printed, I can print it, but actually getting free Google Box sent. Even the post dude would be wondering. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum! Bah!

Also read: Google TiSP, TiSP Works, TiSP FAQ, TiSP Group, NotFound

Future Tense

wait by the seaside
to capture the time waves
one by one they go
to the future
- as the tides settle
the experiment emerges
on the table
notepads, pens and coffee cups litter
experimenters eyes rest
undisturbed, unmoving
but the machines are rumbling
perturbations in time

switch on
the first lights fire
dense electrons collate
into an energy soup
unnamed for a fleeting second
and let loose into random space
they race into singularity
along a magnetic tunnel

the metal barriers
scatter loudly
momentarily with untold pain
but ultimately natural
they have no God
they exist in probabilities

an emotionless grad student
watches the electronic screens
setup by his superiors
trying to collect data
not thinking of solutions
how the game have evolved

his predecessors generations back
toiled with arcane mechanics
instruments like gigantic moths
dwarf our daily sitcoms
and he just fills the tables
of the coded strings
with mindless data
not knowing
the results as they leap
one by one
as if they have individual identities
they c…