Friday, December 12

Xmas at the Valley

Xmas at MidValley Megamall

hey! :D

Framed...Circled? Sphered!

the one tree i really like
made of ribbons

And this is at The Gardens, the decor was really good...

and it was a huge huge cage! you know where I live! :D

this the season to scare your children silly the Valley...tralalalalaa la la la... :D

[#] Xmas decors is a big craze at local malls. And since the tree at KLCC turned a dud this year, I think MidValley and The Gardens shopping mall did good for this season. Hope one day I get to see the Rockefeller Center tree :)
[+] Travelers Velan and Ghost


tulipspeaks said...

Sis said Sunway Pyramid's X'mas decor is the best. Checked out that already?


Jeevan said...

Could this cage arrest the ghost? lol!
very nice photos bro :)

Arv said...

Wonders what that cage could be used for? :P


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