Sunday, December 14

tied travails

sometimes we wonder
if buildings can indeed be the identity
of cities or countries

and in another moment I would like to make a biased generalization
saying that
this would indeed be the only towers that represent a culture of modernity
with a touch of familiarity
giving a strong identity to the city and country
the twins are tied so close to the hearts of the citizens that we cant sever it
however way we look at it
in whatever moments of humanity
we see the struggles of a nation
birthing a monument of splendor
of excess beauty
with nothing to compare with
and among the mindless fractured modern cities around the world
I see scrapers rise from sand and stone
but none has the character or life or soul
of this fantastic existence

and from a distance in time
I see how the towers of 9-11
has become an identity of change and fear
of hope and eternity
how changes can happen
as radically as any building could be
smoldered to the ground
and among the rubble's we find
our voice to speak against tyranny
among the dead souls
we find no solution
for the reason
of majestic buildings
that changes history
that changes the landscapes
of the modern era

and reasons are what we live for

[#] a calm Sunday in busy KLCC, travelers Vj and Ghost. PC Fair 2008 sucked major!
[#] the post title is actually derived from the blog title of Ramya. thx da :)


Jeevan said...

Surly it derives.

Some times monuments and structures stand for the majestic, and we miss to think the lives behind those. Bangalore’s Vidhana Soudha attends the city, but wonder when knowing how much prisoners struggles to give life to the house.

Kavi said...

is the flow of words better or is the photography better ?

Life is full of tough choices !!

Lovely !

Nachi said...

pretty building! tall building...keep it safe from Mr O.B.Laden

...or even Mr. G.W.Bush for that matter!


i wanna visit Kuala Lampur!

manivannan said...

Wow that's a wonderful photo. And nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] true brother, we see so much connections, but then people forget the history of it. even the journey is forgotten sometimes...we can only stand there and admire the majestic beauty, but forget everything else. such a sad predicament when we should appreciate all this. thx nanba.

[kavi] thanks sir :) i hope both r better, trying to learn learn learn... :)

[nachi] LOL...its been safe so far, i love the towers :) do come bro, have a home here :)

[manivannan] thankks sir. :)


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