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Sri Marathandavar Temple

I had one last road trip left before then year ends. We traveled to the temple of miracles, the Sri Maranthandavar temple near the town of Maran, in the east coast state of Pahang. (Marathandavar means God of the Tree; Maram means tree). The temple dedicated to Lord Muruga is located about 3 hours away from KL and has been one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centres in Malaysia.


This is one of the 2 sacred trees at the temple. The original miracle tree has died and the bark is preserved and embedded in the sanctum behind the statue of Lord Marathandavar.
(the link sourced from this blog shows the apparition of Lord Muruga and his wife Deivanai on the bark of the miracle tree)

Flight of freedom, again :)

The temple itself is built to the shape of an octagon.

The Sri Marathandavar temple has beautiful architecture to be admired.

[+] The story of the origin of the [Temple of miracles].
[+] Two very good guide blogs to many famous Hindu temples of Malaysia [Malaysian Hindu Temples] and [Mystical Temples of Malaysia]


Kavi said…
FAntastic images. I need to learn photography from more reason for you to make that trip here...!!

Damn good, if I may say so!

I never knew you are a temple person. As you know, I am not!

So when do we... err.... see you again in India?

Miladysa said…
I would love to visit these temples in person!
joaninha said…
Hi dear friend!

These pilgrimage centres in Malaysia are beautiful. Fantastic images!
The best for these new 2009 is what I wish you and your family.
A big kiss plenty of friendship.
Alok said…
Stunning Pics ....

Arv said…
lovely pics mate... keep touring :)
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] well definitely :) i love photography so much...wish i can become a pro... thanks sir!

[gautami] im not a temple person too...hst love the architecture, devotion, culture celebrated...well ok im a temple person :P

i hope north will be mid year, or end of the year gautami. south is much much sooner

[velan] OM Muruga, good that we met Sivakumar too bro :) something good eh, driving 500 km.

[milady] you know who to find when you get here Milady...and even if u get to India, gimme a buzz ill come with you :) thx and hugs.

[joana] Dear joan, its been long, hugs and kissed to you too. may you stay healthy and happy always with family and friends. thank you.

[alok] thank you brother :)

[arv] thanks bro, will do will its your turn bro :)

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