Friday, December 5

Rainforest, 2

On the road again...

[+] B32 and N32, Semenyih to Kuala Klawang, Selangor to Negeri Sembilan. Beautiful hills, reserve forests and beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls are actually littered all along the route. Larger falls are deep in the jungles.


Ghost Particle said...

its bad when u have to work and travel and get work done for others and then drive others and then clean the place and then and then and then....arggh....

venus66 said...

Hi GP, be happy. I was in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan(Parents place) for the past one week.:)

Nachi said...

Hey! at least you get to go places. come on, if we are going to have a whining competition then lemme remind you that i haven't stepped out of this sordid little town called Baroda in over 8 months. do you really want to whine it out now and see who wins bro?


listen to happy! (*wicked-evil grin*)

...nice ride bro, if that's your car!

Ghost Particle said...

[ghost] stop commenting on your own post dude. sigh. im having a bad case of mpd.

[venus] hey tampin is near me :D i love NS very green state :) my relatives have been there for like 30 years now.
im happy :p

[nachi] hey bro, wazzup :D
ok ok i wont whine...considering i just did get around msia and india this year. ill b happy.
we will have a beer drinking and whining competition. :D

thats my ride bro...her name is Niki @ Nikita . thanks.

Princess Aiz said...

the picture looks both techno and natural.. two-in-one eh? very nice

Arv said...

I need to take a break and hit the road...

Lovely pics mate... Have good fun... cheers...

Anonymous said...

looks really good... amazing colors

Nachi said...

you're on bro!! may the whiniest guzzler win!!'s gonna be's gonna be me...*already doing the victory dance*


c'est la vie said...

hey venus66 is right. be happy.
btw, rides name nikki, right?
which brand yaar?

Kavi said...

Have fun ! Enjoy the scene. And click that snap. And share that thought !!


Jeevan said...

I am looking forward to visit a rainforest in near future. Wonderful shot, and it’s flowing near road!

Ghost Particle said...

[aiz]hey so true. techno organic :)

[arv] u should bro! working on weekends also...come on! go for it!

thanks bro.

[veena] thx thx :)

[nachi] man...if both get do we whine? whining drunkards or drunk whiners? :D

[cest] hey welcome! thank you.
yes nikki...Honda City VTES...1.5 super milage, amazing car...good ranting partner :D

[kavi] thank you sir, we travel the world in search of ourselves. :)

[jeevan] u must bro, there is so much life in there! yep, waterfalls give so much life. take care nanba.


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