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Of Driving

This could be rated as one of the most pressing matters in the world today; Driving with your parents (and grandma). And its going to be a very long drive. I woke up this morning to find all my CDs missing from the car! No more Nusrat, no more Atif, Maroon 5, Bocelli, they even took away my Dalai Lama chants...oh come on. And there's a lot of CD's with no name...which I'm gonna presume are really really sad 70's and 80's Tamil songs...

I really dont mind the driving part, its a pleasure to take them along and knowing they would be happy to travel as much as I am, but music always puts me in a spot during these times. And I will do anything not to switch on the radio during drives with family. Because at moments you least expect there will be a bloody radio show about arrogant children who don't take care of their parents, or something about marriage, work, etc. And along with that will be some free advice from grandma about marriage, etc. We cant talk back. Probably I should just shut my eyes my ears and drive!

Come to think of it, this is equivalent to an astronaut puking in his suit. You cant dont anything but absorb everything that comes your way. What can be worst?

Strangely, I think parents driving their children would say the same right? :P

Whats your driving experience with family?

[#] The competition is still on at the post below, please do take part. There will be alot more this month and next, its my 4th blog anniversary on the 20th :D


Nachi said…
LOL!! you in deep s**t this time around bro!! classic set up for a road-rage driven 'chicken killing' spree on the way back...

...forget driving, what bummed me out was the time when i went for a movie with dad and it turned out the one we had planned on catching was a 'house-full'. so we ended up watching Baghban instead...

OMG! is the only term to sum up the rest of the weekend.


finally opened my eyes to the fact that, 'sadistic humor tendencies run deep in my gene pool'.
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] i hope to be smilling when i drive back...this is such an important trip bro. something big and something nice im doing in my 30 years of existence :)

oh the plan bp goes through the roof coz of plan changes. the sudden relative stopover, etc etc etc. and movies...dont even get me started...i gave up long ago. used to bring grandma to watch rajnikanth movies OMG! it was i dunno what to say. nowadays i do the disappearing act whenever movie matters come out.

hey the humor is nice man...our travel show needs them! :D
d gypsy! said…
hehhhe, okie lemme get my car and then ill tell u

but m sure da, my mom wud do the same with my cds of nirvana and korn...
Stupidosaur said…
Hehe I haven't learnt driving
Ghost Particle said…
[neha] LOL...i think they are at war with good music...from our generation. i mst try to slip in some rock music...jst to c what happens. :D

and hey! this is ur car da :)

[ssor] bro...ok that actually stops the evolution of 'children driving their parents nuts' years. u must try it.
venus66 said…
Be cool my fren.:)
Jeevan said…
Mostly my bro only get into advice from parents and grandparent when driving. I am just cool and I love going out with family and cousins. Right now there is a travel post on my blog too.
Ghost Particle said…
[venus] i will, i am :) thx :)

[jeevan] nanba...thats so nice to hear. heh...well sometimes if we are silent...they wont say much. but it takes good moments and also spirit to turn the whole thing positive...
Nahuatl said…
That's where a pen drive comes handy.

CDs? Who uses CDs? ugh
Miladysa said…
LOL - This really tickled me as I am a parent and a grandma.

When I drive by myself I play music loud usually Oasis, Maroon 5 and would you believe Bocelli?!

When I am with my youngest daughter and grandchildren they like to listen to all the chart hits and I tut at the swear words and ask the heavens "What is the world coming to!"

When my older children are in the car and I am driving they tell me I go too slow because I stick to the speed limits. When they are driving I tell them to slow down.

I ask my eldest son if he has met any nice girls lately and he says "none that he could bring home" ROFL

And I ask my youngest son when he's going to make a honest woman of the girl he lives with.

Am I evil? ;D
Miladysa said…
Happy Blog Anniversary for tomorrow Ghosty x
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] ask those geniueses at honda...i dun get it also. bt there is an aux jack. hemm...sad indeed.

[milady] u made me smile and made me think. i loved ur reply. and we share the same music passion...i love oasis to bits. :) how wonderful is it that you go on with your daily experiences with such patience, candor and spirit. :)
i wish one day i have the wisdom of your good self to handle life, and loved ones :)
Ghost Particle said…
thank you for the anniversary wishes Milady :)

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