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Mumbai, 3


[#] Took a while for me to come to my senses, a thank you to Nachi and Milady for the fine reasoning (do read their comments). I've removed the cartoon.
[#] This ed-cartoon has many meanings. What I see is a lawless country, where sanity is dead i.e. Pakistan. And from their fractures, its neighbors are paying a heavy price.
[#] The terrorists want attention, and dirt. They cant have dirt, but attention they get everyday from the media. What we don't have to give them is any reason, logic or rationale for their actions. We can condemn them and their ideologies, we write about them and we never forget.


Nachi said...

you know brother, for once i'd like to disagree with you. also, i think that this cartoon is in quite a bad taste. firstly, nothing gives anyone the right to pun, brand and malign the national symbol of another nation. especially the national flag of another country. as for Pakistan, yes, the political hostility and terrorism related hegemony that certain elements have fostered withing that nation is condemnable. but as far as i see and know, we are two brother nations born in the blood of the same parents. we might have gone awry politically since then, but the common man on both sides is the same. we as people do not wish each other ill, actually it is the opposite. it is the love of memories lost and relations foregone due to the partition. but the last thing we want for the other is death and destruction. is a shame that the malicious political bickering of our so called leaders has allowed for everyone else to dig in and take a shot at us as is just sad.

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] i do understand what you are saying. and no, this cartoon pokes at the politics of it. after all, flags are political tools, and the political elements of many countries has no respect for the flag or the name of the country, they do have sole alliances with their political parties and its colors.

the western culture of politics leaves nothing unturned, i love this interpretation, because after all everything is made by everyone and owned by everyone. hence why spare the flag and name to get the idea across.

and yes, Pakistan and India are one before, but so is Bangladesh. Why does the brothers raping us now?

There was one flag in the beginning, and it shall always be the Indian flag, and that is the only flag in the subcontinent i shall respect. Sorry, this is not a political statement, its my personal principle :)

I am always aligned to India bro, im an Indian. and as much as we think of this, even Pakistani's should feel the same. They are Indians also...not even God can change that :)

and finally...all this are political, i believe so much that there are still good people in Pakistan who would one day see India as one. But as long as people hurl bombs at your homes, there is no way we can accept their flowers, knowing their hands are smeared with blood of our people.

Miladysa said...

Ghosty I too must disagree with you here and agree with Nachi.

You cannot blame an entire nation for the crimes of a few - we are speaking of a FEW here - they are the minority.

If any of this vermin were born here in the UK would you condemn me for their crimes? Would you support a degradation of my country's flag because of their evil acts?

They would NOT be a representation of me, my people or my country - a country which I would spill my own blood for. I feel for the UK as you do for India.

Their crimes are their own and do not belong to others. They do not belong to that flag.

The crimes lie with the perpetrators of the evil - let us not assist them to pass the deeds onto others - especially the innocent.

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] true we can blame the entire nation. but the cartoon depicted the politics of the crime, from my naive interpretation that is.

in one extreme, even the terrorist do this crime for their flag. how do we answer that then?

ive removed the cartoon, maybe its too harsh. ive seen indonesians burn malaysian flags once, ive seen stupid malaysians burn a malaysian flag once. all those time i choose to believe, they cant burn the spirit, just the cloths of a symbol.

but you and nachi gave a deeper meaning to this.

im sorry.

Nachi said...

you of all the people don't have to be sorry for anything bro! all you have done is speak your mind and for that there can be no regret...and as long as people are willing to listen to others and see the consequences of their actions upon those 'others' and their feelings, all this stupidity in this world would be brought to an end...

...Yes, i too am an Indian and yes, i too am deeply hurt and terribly angry. but my anger is (in Miladysa's words) against the 'minority' that supports this means to attaining their ends. for them i shall have no sympathy or reasoning. but for the millions of others who are not a part of this i am unwilling to push them to the point, through my hurt and vengeance, where they too become a part of the fanatic minority.

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] we learn and we live :) thats the best bro :) im so grateful to have good friends with me who I can discuss and reason, we are indeed a special group.

i agree, we must not generalize. Kavi has suggested a motivation, which I shall discuss with him and put in action very soon. it will happen, we all will be able to do something concrete.

thx bro :)

Miladysa said...


It is good that we can discuss this together. Accepting that we all have different views and may not always agree. We can agree to disagree at times and remain friends. We must treasure the right to free speech for all - even where we disagree :D

But look at our little group here - look at the emotion they have provoked in us by their actions. Let's turn that away from them and towards peace. As I said before - let's not give them the attention.

Instead, let's talk about Mumbai - is there anything we can do to help?

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] thx so much Milady...
Kavi said the same thing, how to promote peace and love. i will disucss with him more and we can get working.

we can start a discussion group and share ideas and spread information.

ill let you know soon.


Jeevan said...

What countries faces deaths in war, terrorism conclude the same? That could be serving and this comes to condemn. And actually both end in destruction. There is a sense we belong to a country or community, and life seems within bound, not that terrorism should change even the public with intense feeling should have control that it not cross there self. Seeing out of country we get heavier support throughout world as a human being. I wish there peace for human in the united universe.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] all your desires and wishes will come true. we have to work together, we have to work hard. political powers much yield to human power, the well being of the citizens must be taken care of. and you said it well, both the countries will loose alot if things turn worst.

ive learned alot frrom this post. :)


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