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Many Miles

during the days of remembrance
a moment of retrospection
a deluge of memories
drains your life
makes you

[#] Niki hit 20000 km 5 short months. How many memories the car share, how many more to discover. I hope I dont stop walking the roads... :)


Nachi said…
Sue me!!! that we have settled that matter, when such a moment comes, its time to sink into a Red Bull!!!! the instant energy drink! cause Life never stops...

ok ok...i was told i'd be paid for the advert! will split the moolah 70:30 (70 mine, 30 yours)!
Ghost Particle said…
deal! btw...what the heck r u doing awake this late?! there can be only one ghost! grrr :D
d gypsy! said…
:) may u never stop walking the roads

it has its own bag of advantages--helps you loose your weight, makes you dog tired so in the night you get a dogs (they are usually aware), no, cats (they hunt in night), no again, okie, so u get a man's sleep at night (I knew it, man is the worst animal)

Ghost Particle said…
[neha] thank you thank you... i still have the rest of Himachal to cover. :D

we walk and we get tired and we are the worst animal!? Freud was right. but then again grrr

nowadays we walk, we eat, we get tired and we log in! LOL.

tc Neha... hugs...have a nice nice weekend...where r u right now?
Jeevan said…
Vazthukkal nanba :)
Ramesh said…
Shoes step on many things in their lifetime..bugs and ghosts included
Arv said…
I so wanna tour the world... any sponsors out there??? :P
venus66 said…
It's an adventure.:)
Pauline said…
Walking is the best means of observation. May all your sneakers wear thin from the beauty of life's roads. Hugs for the holidays from here to there ;)
Passing by said…
ahhhhh travels! I need this in my life.. GP you and I have talked about this.. shall I get my back pack ready???

Nahuatl said…

Mine has barely crossed 7000 in 8 months! And India is bigger :P
Princess said…
simple yet profound

never stop walking dear friend.

Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] :) :P

[jeevan] thanks nanba.

[ramesh] yeh yeh.. watever it steps the very least its moving...

[arv] hehehe...maybe not all the places in the world r nice... :) but u will do it soon bro...i jst know :p

[venus] ...of a lifetime :)

[pauline] thank you pauline, thank you for the wonderful years of friendship and visions. big hugs for a happy happy meaningful holiday season to you. :)

[ne] get ur backpacks ready, get ur camera ready and book the tickets girl. we are gonna rock the world soon...start with India ofcourse :)

hope all is well with you. hugs.

[nayan] yeh, i scared myself...i jst drove a whole year in 5 months! lol!

[princess] thanks aiz, when there is so much to admire, new sets of prints are in order all the way... :) hugs.

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