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Lata Bayu

Its so good to wander, coz there's heavens to be found :)

But it was not an easy task...

it needed some heavy duty lifting...

and searching...

and goofing around...

before heaven is found

The Lata Bayu waterfalls.
(Lata Bayu loosely means Cascading Breeze / Breezy Cascades? :p )

symmetrical evolutions

majestic beauties

and mysterious creatures...

Rest of the snaps at [Rain Forests - Malaysia]

[+] Lata Bayu
[#] Travelers Vj, Indran and Ghost


Veens said…
awe-freaking-some pics... damn it boy- u r too good at this.... hey r u smelling something burning?!

it is me :(

i m envious :(

Take out word verification ... it is so sickening to type so much.. thanks Ghosty
Stupidosaur said…
The flower and mysterious creature look awesome!
Like the pic in that "Amazing" post of yours in November.
Stupidosaur said…
The flower and mysterious creature look awesome!
Like the pic in that "Amazing" post of yours in November.
Ghost Particle said…
[veena] hey thank you da :) u get a cam, and go snapping ok! mysore is amazing...and dont even get me started about Kerala! i love em all. :)

ur wish is my command madam...ive shut it down. hope i dont attract too many spammers :)

take care and have a nice weekend :)

[ssor] bro and bro. uve commented twice :P
thanks so much. hope u saw the rest in my flickr album :)

have a nice weekend bro.
manivannan said…
The pictures and the bylines rock! well done bro... So you've have found your way to Heaven?! Cool!

Have an awesome weekend.
Passing by said…
Those Pics are awesome!!!i love them!!

I need the rain forest!!!!
Arv said…
bro... you are gonna make me go mad.. .lol... u know that...

have a nice Sunday... cheers...
venus66 said…
Hi, glad that you have found the way to heaven.:) Beautiful shots. Everything looks awesome including the people. Thank you for sharing.
brocasarea said…
last snap is awesome!!
Manisha said…
heaven is found is so nice

but it was not an easy task ...u shud have slid under it , instead of lifting it
CяŷştąŁ.. said…
I second Stupidosaur completely..the flowers were..Awwwesome!
*Envious looks!*

What does Lata Bayu mean though,Ghosty?
Nachi said…
whoa!! you went on a road trip...took amazing pictures...guzzled down a few kegs of beer...and then all you could chat about is Michael Jackson's sexual preferences!!!

LOL...i couldn't stop laughing last night seeing the comment thread...

scudie said…
GP man! looooooooong time no see.. lemme brush up on ur posts..
Nahuatl said…
as usual ghost was not to be seen doing heavy lifting.

lovely pics :)
What were you searching btw?
Ghost Particle said…
[manivanan] :) thanks bro. there are many heavens...hope i can find a lot more in times to come.

[ne] hey girl..thanks a lot. :) jst tell me when u need them...ill arrange it :P have fun.

[arv] relax bro...hehehe...ull get to travel real soon hopefully. :) thx bro.

[venus] thanks alot :) yep this time heaven was and super beautiful :)

[brocasarea] thanks bro :) i still dont know the name of it :)

[manisha] thx manisha. u know we always make tings we need to lift it. oh btw...we did not manage to lift it :p

[crystal] hello! thanks thanks. Lata Bayu means Cascades of Breeze, Breezing cascades, etc. ok im a translator...but this one is escaping me fast. lol.

[nayan] ZOMG bro...LOL. MJ was hilarious yesterday. hows u man...hope no mj nightmares. hahaha. oh kegs of beer involved...public places r off limit for booze, wrong country. LOL.

[scudie] nanba! long time too overwhelmed...need to get reader in order and also my link list :) thx.

[nayan] hey bro...someone need to snap it right grrr. hahaha. btw i jumped over it ok :P

we were climbing to the top of the hills actually to find the the path ended about a mile up. the rest need to be trekked through the jungle and it was raining so no go. :)
Nachi said…
Nayan?? it's Nachi you doofus bro o' mine...seems like it was you who had the MJ nightmare. totally zapped your brain such that you don't even know the difference between Nayan and I!

Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] oh man...was wondering where my tube light moment of the day went. :(

sorry bro. heh. wait till nayan reads gonna get wacked.

Jeevan said…
Hum… wonderful nature, and physical activities bro ;)
the last pics give me a shape of frog and fish, those are good find in your search.
Nahuatl said…
You are confusing me now. What did MJ do now?
You need to repeat 3-4th standard. Do you know any school nearby?
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] it was bro :) thanks nanba. i need to figure out the names of the animals and insects i snap :D

[nayan] my bad. im too kanfused, pardon my name identification routines. need reprogramming. :D
Nahuatl said…
Which language? :P
Ghost Particle said…
the language of ghost :)



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