Monday, December 22

Guess, 3

This will be the final contest for this year.

Guess the name of the (i) City and (ii) Place; where this monument is.

The country is India.

Same rules apply as the previous contests (Guess 1 and Guess 2) for who can and cannot enter. Comments will be moderated.

And all who have guessed will get a Book or DVD of their choice posted to them.

Previous winners may enter again :)

Competition closes on the midnight of 24th December.

*Prizes for all 3 contests are sponsored by the Northern Lexicon Translation Agency.

[[#]] Winners of Guess 2, please mail me your addresses at humanuniverse[@] Or just buzz me in Gtalk or YIM.


brocasarea said...

i wont get lucky this time;)

Jeevan said...

Bro! Even if u give much clues sure i won't able to find this edge. let me watch the game :)


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