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Guess, 2

Winners: manisha, milady, stpdsor, brocasarea, jeevan, karthi, anitha, nachi, ne, arv, neha

This is the second quiz this month, since I'm so in love with December.

(i) Guess which movie the following lines are from - title, actors.
(ii) Name A very famous song from the movie - title, artist.

I would rather have had...
one breath of her hair
one kiss of her mouth
one touch of her hand
than an eternity without it.

Should be very very easy if you're a movie buff. And definitely NO CLUE this time. :P Oh btw, its an English, Hollywood movie.

Remember BOTH questions must be answered.

The Prize will be: A DVD or Book of your choice mailed to you :)

[#] I'll moderate the comments for this post, Everyone who gives the correct answers will get the prize.

Contest closes exactly 24 hours from now (Malaysian time 3pm /GMT +8) - 19th December - Friday (wherever you are :)

[#] My immediate friends in Msia and the Chumma Travel gang is not eligible to participate. As well as the winner from the previous contest. Sorry :p


Manisha said…
the name of the movie City of angels

the name of the song - Angel
by Sarah McLachlan

hey gp i googled it ....

next time please mention no googling
Miladysa said…
My first guess was Moulin Rouge - and I was wrong.

I'll not cheat - even though I did google it later ;D
Stupidosaur said…
City of Angles.

Sheesh movie dialogue quiz? What else is Google exact phrase match search for anyways?

Ab bhejogey prize?
brocasarea said…
isit City of Angels[Nicolas cage]
Jeevan said…
no idea, but loved the lines ;)
yeskarthi said…
Nicholas Cage "City of Angels" Movie
anitha said…
(i) Movie - City of Angels
Actor - Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan, Andre Braugher.

(ii) Song - Iris
Artist - Goo Goo Dolls

Nachi said…

now this is an easy competition...unlike the silly one earlier that you rigged!!

like you said bro, a movie buff would definitely know's good ol' Nicholas Cage saying the lines to super sweet Meg Ryan from the movie 'City Of Angels'...

as for the song, its the Goo Goo Dolls giving us a telescopic view of the city in 'Iris'.

Yay!! i win this one hands down! also, i have shattered my macho image in blogger ville and revealed myself as a cheesy romantic movie indulging chap!


DAMN! Second time around....
DID I win???????

I need KKHH!!! LOL!!!
Arv said…
ah... this is all too easy bro...

City of Angels...

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls...

he hee...
d gypsy! said…
(i) Guess which movie the following lines are from - title, actors.

Movie-city of angels

Actors- Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan

(ii) Name A very famous song from the movie - title, artist.

ummm, the IRIs by Goo Goo Dolls
Ghost Particle said…
hey guys, you know going to give the prizes to everyone who answered correctly.

id love to give the gift to Milady and Jeevan also for participating...and not googling the answer :p

and ne for being ne :P

hence the winners are:

manisha, milady, ssor, brocasarea, jeevan, karthi, anitha, nachi, ne, arv, neha :)
What? Is googling allowed? As I did not know the answers and did not google it either, I thin I WON hands down!
venus66 said…
:(I missed this one.
Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] ur always a winner...books r our life remember :) hugs.

[mary] yeh...and how did u miss it? :p
d gypsy! said…

we know ur secret...

@ Ghosty...

yipeee, trust me i have a damn bad luck when it comes to quizzesss an comps...

hmm, nyways now m thinking what will i get :P
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi] mwahahaha! :D

[neha] think think, and ask what u want da :)
Nahuatl said…
Aaah.. so here is what I should do... choose any of the lines, double click on it to select the whole line, right click and say "search google for..."
Voila! Nicolas Cage!

Yeah I know I am late. So what?!
Send me your car. And the keys. :P
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] LOL LOL! ok here and take the keys :P

it was meant to be easy...but it was not meant to b googled... :P bt heck...its the anniversary :D
brocasarea said…
so how am i getting it??P
Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] u tell me what you want bro, what book or dvd. then i will post it to you.
brocasarea said…
hey i thought u were joking!!...i would prefer a book:)..any good book will do:P
Miladysa said…
I actually won something?

Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] ok ill get something for u knowing you :) now mail me ur address bro :)

[Milady] ofcourse, ofcourse you have won! Tell me what do you want, the book you have been waiting to read for so long or a DVD probably? :)

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