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4th anniversary

thank you for 4 wonderful years in this electronic world
and a lifetime of memories from the real world :)

this blog, and myself went through a lot in 2008
memories that i will never forget
love and joy to cherish everyday
regrets and pain that will never go away
but i find myself
waking up another day
and many more tomorrows
within them i find my answers
i am still alive
the world is still here
bold and beautiful
what matters is taking a step forward
making someone happy
changing something
being the change
and living your life
may we have another wonderful year
and many more lives to touch
and not a dream lost
love all

[+] Place: Tanjung Dawai beach, Kedah. Travelers; Kumar, Indran, Ghost. Shutter light tracer; Indran.


Have a great blooging year ahead!
manivannan said…
Wow! Congratulations for the past and for the exciting future!
brocasarea said…
congrats..keep writing..and wish u good luck:)...
Passing by said…
HEY YOU!! CONGRATS!!!! Many more years of Blogging!!!

d gypsy! said…
Arv said…
congrats mate... good pic there :)

shutter light tracer eh?? kewl...

have a good one... cheers...
The Seeker said…
Congrats... Happy blogging, keep writing bro..
Donn Coppens said…
You are awesome Ghosty.
I have a feeling that you are going to be a Lifer.
Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] thank you gautami...hugs :)

[manivanan] thank you sir.

[brocasarea] thank you bro.

[ne] hey you :p thanks da, hope u have a super nice weekend ok :)

[neha] thank you neha, hugs :)

[arv] thanks bro. oh i invented those words...:P what do you actually call someone whose willing to stand there for 15 seconds tracing the air with his cellphone...while a beleaguered crowd looks on :D

[barath] thanks bro :)

[donn] thanks a million bro...Lifer in the jails of blog? :p

thanks everyone || hope to c everyone on the long ride to the future || have a super nice weekend :)
Jeevan said…
My wishes brother :) I am so glad coming along through this life with you in hopeful tomorrow.

Wonderful 4! hugss
Mythily said…
Keep writing and be happy GP...
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] thank you nanba, i will be very happy if we can go on in many more years of this blog journey. take care nanba, hope u have a great weekend.

[vani] thanks da. hope all is fine with you.
Nahuatl said…
cool! congrats!
how old r u now.. 5?
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] thaanks bro. does feel like a 5 year olds blog :p

but in a sense, maybe ghost particle in h+u is 5 years old :D
Veens said…
for more years ahead with u here :)
Ghost Particle said…
[veens] thank you veena! and i hope ur not too tired of running around for the big day. all will b nice :) have a nice weekend :)
Alok said…
here's a toast for many more years to come ... BTW 4 years ..... u already have come a long way .... cheers

Jason said…
Wow, has it really been 4 years? Congratulations.
Ghost Particle said…
[alok] its a long journey indeed bro...feels so good and satisfying :) and thank you for being a part of it. uve been missed, always. happy to know you are still here bro... :)

[jason] thank you bro. can u imagine...4 soon :D time runs so fast when we find each other in the electron-scapes. amazing journey, amazing friends :)
Kavi said…
Congratulations !!!!!

Been trying to call you...Lets speak soon !
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] sir, thank you :)

i think there might be line problems...ppl cant call me from India either. hope to catch u in chat tomorrow, net is down badly till 31st.
tulipspeaks said…
happy anniversary :-)

Miladysa said…
What would we do without you?

Shiv said…
congrats GP
Ghost Particle said…
[ammu] thank you. :)

[milady] :) without me...well i dont know...there must someone who floods the net with digital excess of ranting :D LOL. thank you Milady. hugs.

[shiv] hey thank you da :)

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