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Thank You!

snow covered peaks of the Himalayas,
taken from the Jakhu temple,
situated on the Jakhu hill in Shimla

Jhaku Temple, a Lord Hanuman temple,
I cant describe the feelings and emotions at that moment
being in the temple, seeing the Himalayas,
the serenity of it all, and the sweet prasadam given,
life changing...

I like this photo a lot :),
Jakhu Temple

at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla

snapped at the gardens of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla

Today I trekked the hills of Naldhera,
near the Mashorba Valley a short distance from Shimla
and I saw the snow covered mountains of the Himalayas
one of my dreams came true
I want to thank Life for this :)

[#] Its so close yet so far, one day I must set foot in Nepal and god willing, climb the Everest :)
[#] Btw, I think this picture turned awesome...
[#] As usual, anyone wants hi-res images of above, please buzz me, TQ!


Cinderella. said…
I think its lovely too !!!

And you will visit Nepal and climb the Everest one day da.

Jeevan said…
Glad to know bro u trek and see snow mountains. my wishes :)
Miladysa said…
Dreamy words and photograph Ghosty.

I think you will one day :D
d gypsy! said…
it turned beautiful indeed.
Mr Coppens said…
Uber kewl Ghosty!
Hey did you see any Monkey See or step in any Monkey Do?

I actually pronounce Hem-mahl-yahs correctly but I am afraid that it is a losing cause here in the west..
we're stuck with Hymn-al-LAY-yaz.

What are ya gonna do?
Veens said…
back after a short hiatus ;)

hope i have not missed much
u reached Shimla? gorgeous place nay?!
Arv said…
nice one mate... kewl pics...

I have that dream of touring Nepal & Tibet, camping and trekking in the Himalayas and climbing the Everest...

someday... in this life or another...

take care...
Nahuatl said…
climb the Everest?
bahahahaha... u snowball! =DDDDD

I know why you like those monkeys... basic instincts.. eh? :PP
venus66 said…
All the best to you my fren.
Princess said…
lovely pics..
enjoy the trip
brocasarea said…
so nice snaps!...

reminds me of my history books:)
Jason said…
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos.
manivannan said…

My wishes for your journey.
Miladysa said…
I have just shown my entire family these photographs!

That first shot is awesome! I think I shall make the visit one day.
Vinesh said…
so good, so good!
it takes a lot of working towards a task as climbing the Everest!
Leni Qinan said…
Hi Ghosty!

It's nice to see you still draw these nice analogies. Maybe when you climb the Everest you will reach your real salvation.

I loved the pic,s they're very beautiful. :)

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