Saturday, November 1

tea, tickets, hotels n cookies

after 5 weeks of traveling
and seeing almost everything
its not boredom that sets in
its the back breaking tiredness
and I still have a month left!
I hate booking hotels and lodges
as much as I'm tired of
finding the routes
and walking into nowhere
but there is something here
more than all this
I love the people here
new found friends
with big hearts
I feel I have a purpose here
after so long
I feel I have a real purpose in life
how India
has changed me
amazingly in this few short weeks
and exorcised my painful
5 years that traumatized me
as I take to the skies
in dreams and in travels
I find smiles
and touch
warm and beautiful
and during my walks
in between crowds
lives micro worlds
of love and life
as I sat at coffee day
and drank ice cold coffee
(with a friggin cake inside!!!)
I don't know how to order stuff
even from the menu
you see right now
I miss home food
that is
after trying every bit of the south menu
and loving Kerala fish curry to bits
I dont know what else to eat
so nowadays
its cookies and tea
all the way
the other day
i dreamed having tea with the guys
and eating roti canai and nasi lemak
(wipes away tears)
I shouted to myself!
go to Marina beach
I marched
at 8 at night
but then
somehow City Center
looked amazing
is it called the City Center mall?
so I walked into City Center
found Landmark and there are books
books books books everywhere
after picking up like 5 books
and realizing i have to carry them around
in an already overstuffed bag
I settled with the much reviewed and excellently translated
Tamil Pulp Fiction
the brilliant story of Ramanujan
that I could not source in Msia
and I bought the Vaaranam Aayiram CD
the songs are excellent
and I just happen to know
two great big fans of Surya
and I'm going to play the songs all day
so thats how this tea, tickets, hotels and cookies story started
and tomorrow
I'm going to get some flutes for the dude
who encouraged and helped me get here
I wonder if Velan knows how to play flutes
maybe I'll get one for myself
and make music
I am loving Chennai
except the heat
and even after the cab driver
swore he wants to return to Delhi
after being here for two years
I like the soul of Chennai
which made me feel home
as much as the soul of vibrant Bangalore
that made me comfortable
and the life and times of the serene Mysore
and the mystical beauty of cool Ooty
and the beauty of Trivandrum and Kovalam
and the sunsets and sunrises of Kanyakumari
at the ends of India
I am liking my travels here
and the next one month
I'll have to plan
(not that my plans ever works
nor do I know how to plan!)
I have to 'plan'
with plans that comes from a great friend in Pune
who made me not run away from India
in the first week itself
I realize that I'm not an intrepid traveler
I'm just an accidental traveler :p
I need to plan
for the next one month
to travel
and meet great writers
to Delhi
to see the beautiful monuments
meet the poetess who inspires me
and to the beautiful Himachal
and meet a fine photographer and writer
to Varanasi
where life and death coexists
to Mumbai
to meet a great fellow traveler through life
and then to Pune
to meet my brother and partner in crime :-)
and then back to Chennai
not before a stopover in Bangalore
to meet the Cinderella of the blogworlds one more time
and meet the blogger
and brother I admire most
and back home...
leaving behind
my heart
at my new found home
and my long lost soul brothers and sisters
this is not a (really bad) poem
(but maybe a sad song if we can find a tune)
I just want to make the post
real long :p


Cinderella. said...


Ghost Particle said...

heh...ok i know i shud be working, what can I do...i needed to write something while the Net is good. :D

Nahuatl said...

work like a horse
play like a pig

Miladysa said...

It is exiting to read your journey so it must be fantastic you live it!

Safe journey my friend :D

d gypsy! said...


i enjoyed reading this too :P

venus66 said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your write. Wish to read more so pls write. :) Have a sefe journey and take care.

Kavi said...

Super cool ! I get a hang of your plans. You really are ghosting !!!

let me know..look forward to catching up with you !

QUASAR9 said...


tulipspeaks said...

r u even missing me? umppphhh!


Leni Qinan said...

Hey Ghosty! 5 weeks and still one month left? Wow that's good news.
Your journey seems to be keeping you in constant evolution! Please keep us posted.

Jeevan said...

That's wonderful! as your wish plans comes out bro. looking forward :)

Maran said...


manivannan said...

Long yet interesting... you've written it well. My wishes for your journey!

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] :P two times :P

[nayan] LOL...u said it well bro.

[milady] thank you Milady, you understand me well :)

[neha] i enjoyed writing it...luckily i stopped...if not i could have been longer :)

[venus] thank you, I will write more :)

[kavi] yes I am ghosting heheheh...i will update u soon sir.

[Q9] drifting, flying...cruising :) thx.

[ammu] even missing myself hahaha... u know who im missing dont ask. u in a superb uni...soon u will have many guys missing u...LOL

[leni] i will leni, and i have alot more to cover. will update more, hugs :)

[jeevan] me too nanba :)

[maran] wait pa...ill upload soon...or when I come back...its abit slow now :)

[manivanan] thank you :)


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