Monday, November 24


I had an awesome Sunday...

- Seat belts saves life
- Airbags should be made standard on all Malaysian cars
- And, there still are dirt stupid idiots who make sudden stops and
u-turns in the middle of busy traffic

[#] My cousin and his buddies went for a ride, and decided to do a Bond. They're all safe, with some stitches and minor bruises. Am really impressed with Perodua MyVi, the structural integrity is very good, but air bags would have been better, just that there are no laws for mandatory airbags here and well no rules against street stupidity. Oh and everyone thought I'm a reporter! :D


gautami tripathy said...

Glad they are ok..

Kavi said...

So you are back home !!

Glad to know they are doing ok !

Cinderella. said...

Lmao !!

Come to think of it you do have reporter like characteristics !

I hope they're all fine now..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:O Good 2 know ppl r ok now! Scary though...

Vesper de Vil said...

That's INTENSE! I'm glad everyone's ok.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your cousin and his friend is fine!! Yeah those stupid stupid drivers!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I have road rage?) LOL!!

Hmmm Reporter eh?? I say Go for it.. I am sure you will make a great one!!


venus66 said...

Glad that they are ok. Hope they will be more careful next time. How are you?

Arv said...


Nice Snap...


on a serious note... glad your cousins are ok :)

cheers mate...

tulipspeaks said...

oi! orang tengah cari u online.. u jalan-jalan cari makan ke? *sigh


Shiv said...

hope allz fine...bak in KL?

Jeevan said...

Seems good stunts happen, but bad structure let this down, i mean this car lol! Hope they are fine now.
Good coverage bro :)

Princess said...

is that snap taken by you?

I am happy that they r safe


Ghost Particle said...

[gautami] yes there all all fine, swollen, with pain :D thx gautami.

[kavi] yes sir, im back homee. theyre fine, thx :)

[cindy] hemm, im too serious i guess, everyone was scrambling to get into da pic LOL! theyre fine da :)

[pons] it was, dragged for 10 meters it seems. u r back in bangalore? thx da.

[vesper] it was sudden and well there was the rush i guess they mst have felt :) thx vesper.

[ne] u have road rage girl? whoa! join the gang. jst thaat i normally dont get down and wack people :P reporter... LOL...u with cindy in this :D...ill think of it da :)

[venus] hello :), a lesson learned hopefully. Im not very fine Mary, been so sick, and now flue.

[arv] bro, yeh :D yep, theyre ok. thx bro.

[ammu] what to do la, sudden happenings. lol. tapi aku makan banyak scavenging.

[shiv] back in kl on friday, now at hometown da. hows u? theyre all fine :) thx.

[jeevan] thanks bro...coverage LOL...u r smart nanba :D theyre all ok now.

[princess] yes i snapped it...when we got there, the car was still on the road, the police and insurance guys was taking pics. theyre safe now, thx :)


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