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random hearts

im back home in Malaysia now...
and figuring how to answer
when everyone asks
which is 'better'
India or Malaysia
now how do you make a choice like that?
i'm not going to answer them on that
I've just been smiling for the whole day now...
i think
when the time comes
for us to live our dreams
and others are left just a glimpse of it
there is no room for justifications
jst memories long lasting

[#] will be there ur writings, in ur dreams. Have a good weekend :)


brocasarea said…
u enjoy too:)
Veens said…
No one can give a better answer than that of course :)

Hope u enjoyed yur trip!
Miladysa said…
Pleased to see you are home safely Ghosty.

There's is no need to make a choice - they can both be brilliant - in their own way :D
venus66 said…
Hi, nice to have you back. :)Both are unique and special.:)Take care.
Arv said…
it cant be chosen mate... he hee...

have a nice weekend bro... cheers...
Jeevan said…
keep smiling bro :)

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