Monday, November 24


Before the events of the previous post, we went to the jungles of Mount Jerai, to a waterfall named Batu Hampar, in Kedah.

crystal clear waters

a giant poisonous man killer bug thingy, probably a meter long
a giant centipede, common in the Malaysian rainforests


it was so hard to get this shot,
wished the other butterflies and dragonflies cooperated as well

slow shutter, but it turned too bright

[#] Travelers Velan, Vj, Indran, Ghost and Kumar
[+] will upload the rest of the pics in my flickr


Princess said...


I know how difficult it is to take a snap of a butterfly..
well done


venus66 said...

Beautiful shots. Hope you had a wonderful time. Have a bowl of 'rasam' and a good rest too. You will recover fast. Take care.

brocasarea said...

awesome pics!

Arv said...

kewl pics mate...

take rest :)


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Ghosty!

Wonderful pix. I love the colours and the details.
I've scrolled down the mouse to read some posts I've missed -man, I've been very busy lately, I almost couldn't post in my own blog, how funny is it?- and I really hope your cousin+friends are better now.

Take care. ;))

The Seeker said...

Beautiful pics...

manivannan said...

Lovely! especially, I liked the butterfly and waterfalls. well done friend.

have a good time :)

krystyna said...

So good!
Thanks for sharing!

Jeevan said...

wow... excellent shots bro, esp. the falls one and the centipede!

Manisha said...

nice pics

but u shud have gotten into the waterfall and enjoyed it

imagine going all the way and not getting in


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