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out here we be rockstars

let me be selfish tonight
for one night
of whats left
in the dissolving days
let me be selfish
for having
the best of friends
for I may never find
such genuine ones

let me be selfish today
let me live my life
for eternity
with this great feeling
of peace and calm
in the days of autumn skies

as I leave
not saying goodbye
but with silent words
~why end
something that we started
in our innocent years
for something beautiful

as I leave
not wanting any
but hugs and kisses
let me be selfish
for one night
of many
that I hope to
encounter and live
years to come


it takes a lifetime, but when it happens, its beautiful :)

[#] nah, not a poem, just rendezvous with great souls, rock stars and more :)


Ghost Particle said…
ive got a week more left, schedules are so tight that i changed my initial itenary alot, missed alot of good friends here, but its all for the good I pray and hope, many more times to come.

love all.
Miladysa said…
"let me be selfish"

For our own sanity we have to be sometimes!

Love back at yer!
I am thinking in my absence I have missed something. I loved this piece though. Nice to read "you" again.

Mr Coppens said…
That was an excellent verse..heartfelt and reciprocated.
Enjoy your modified itinary and just go with the flow.

Take care G.
Jeevan said…
Keep rocking bro :)
venus66 said…
Be happy and enjoy yourself.:)
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] :) its for our sanity, and continuity :) love and hugs.

[IOIO] hey! yah...u missed alot. thanks na, its nice to be in the flow again :)

[donn] thanks bro, all well goes well :p i changed this saying too hehehe. hugs.

[jeevan] true enough bro :)

[venus] thanks so much, will visit u when i get a better connection.

[cindy] today was nice girl, dont be sad. it happens for a reason, and this is no goodbye. say hi to deep and hugs, love ya alot :)

[broca] rock on ?
Kavi said…
Hope the trip brought you happiness !
Cinderella. said…
OH ! You posted this pic also !!

I'm confirmed now, you are being partial with me...grrr.....
Nahuatl said…
I see Photoshop working! :D

You are welcome bro, anytime :)
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] yes it did sir, very much. and im happier coz i made it happen however hard it was :) thx.

[cindy] LOL...and may I know how long this will continue madame?

[nayan] one world one dream....(ok i was about to say something philosophic, bt then i forgot what! :( ) hugs bro. :) :P :D X-)
Miladysa said…
You've been tagged :D
manivannan said…
Beautiful poem. Is enjoying & being with friends called selfish? then I like your selfishness :))
Princess said…
enjoying life's beauty and the essence of it.. I'm happy you think of life in such a cute way.


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