Sunday, November 30

Of Life, Of Love

For the question of whats next; the question of love and marriage, as much as I try to find the answers I really cant. What makes life put so much hope and desire in one person, I have no answers for that too. I pray that at this juncture in life I get to have it my way. Hopefully.


Miladysa said...

It happens when you are not looking for/expecting it. Relax :D

Kavi said...

Its time to take matters into our hands. At least matters that we can.

We neednt carry AK 47s. But can gaurd the independence that we won in 1947

Thanks for standing with us on this shoulder to shoulder.

I need your help and support. Will write to you

Arv said...

Just keeping walking bro... cheers...

Veens said...

of course u will - just be patient and thats a wonderful header -- thanks :)

Nahuatl said...

Is it just your ego? Think carefully.

If not, then peace comes with running with the flow and standing against it. If you have a plan, then resisting makes sense.

But if you don't then it is not harmful to listen to the family. After all, it will not be forced.. just suggested.

Nahuatl said...

*and not standing against it*


Nachi said...

oh stop whining, will just want everything your way bro!! ;)

like Miladysa said, "it will happen".

and Kavi, we are all together in this. side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] the i will go with flow... :)


[kavi] thx sir.

[arv] hey...youll never walk alone :P thx.

[veena] thx veena...may things happen when it need to happen. jst hoping i will learn to like it.

[nayan] yes its my bloody ego. btw...i jst said no. :) it aint happening till the fat person sings. or watever. fight fight fight...m :) thx bro.

[nachi] i want it my way so that the damage will be minimal and i can make it happen and can have a say in changing things, making things right :) thx bro.


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