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Why are you not doing anything yet India? I'm with Kavi on this, its time to get tough. No more negotiations, no more waiting and no more speculations. Just get them, and clean up the country. This is ridiculous, I've been watching the news since morning and no one has any idea of what the hell is happening there. Seriously, what is happening in Mumbai? One army officer says there is an hostage situation, another says everything is cleared. And then politicians offering lip service, bullshit. What's worst in this is, if a country like India is caught offguard (for the nth time!!!), what will happen if it happens in Malaysia? What are the intelligence service doing? Is CNN better than the intelligence services? Twitters and blog updates are faster than the army and commandos. Who do you want to trust your safety to now?

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brocasarea said…
it is making me sick here:(
Leni Qinan said…
Same thing here. Hey, Ghosty, any country can be caught offguard (the list is long: Australia, US, UK, Spain, just to mention some of the ones that should have been aware of threatens). You know what they say... the bad guys are always one step ahead.


Since 9-11 things have completely changed in the world and we're not anymore as safe as we were.
venus66 said…
What went wrong? Why are people like this?:((
d gypsy! said…
its sad man, very sad....
Jeevan said…
no matter its only ourselves, the cops are to investigate how it happens.
Princess Aiz said…
India seriously needs to do something..
just unite people appoint one person from every home whatever the thing may be..
Every life is precious and leaders should know it.
Miladysa said…
Terrible terrible news. My thoughts are with the people of India, the victims and their families.

Live updates here Ghosty:

This is the thing with 'terrorism' - their aim is to create a reaction - they want us to stop living our lives normally - they want to instill 'terror'.

We must not let them win. They are showing themselves for what they are. Let's not give them what they want.
Kavi said…
Thanks for standing by GP. We will get them. We are in pain. But we will. I dont know, from where i get this feeling. But i can only share the feeling that i have : We will get them. All of us together. We will.

Thanks mate ! Words cant appreciate enough the support that i / we have recieved from friends like you.
Nahuatl said…
Check my latest entry.

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