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Heavens on Earth, 2

The view out of my room,
I'm staying here forever, someone please call my mom and tell her :D

I'd freeze tonight for here is the before pic...
lets see if my frost bitten fingers can snap the after pic.
Ok...ppl don't get frost bites here...where I am...guess :p

[#] I should have learned some Hindi. Though I understand a bit of the language, they don't understand my reply hehehe...Right now I'm all cool with 'haa...ji' which I think means 'yes'. And I know a few Hindi movie titles and songs...but I cant talk Hindi...sigh..haa ji haa ji haaaaa ji.
[#] And one shall have the question of why am I on the Internet all the time even when traveling...well I'm working and traveling and quite recently I discovered Thursday is NOT the start of the weekend...who would have known...sigh...:P
[#] Thanks to Neha for the great advice...I shall roam soon :)


Cinderella. said…
I told you it'd have been nicer if you knew hindi ! Its a gr8 place'll like it.

Have fun !
Jeevan said…
I don't know Hindi too! wow enjoy the heaven place bro. and play with snow, is that available right now?
Chriz said…
one indeed.. great place.. it looks like..
Princess said…
it sounds like vaaji vaaaaji shivaji.. lol..
Miladysa said…
Amazing photograph!

OK - where are you?
Arv said…
kewl pic bro...

I should list my heavens chart sometime :)

Have a good time mate :)

Nahuatl said…
That pose.. not bad!
Just lose 200kgs and you could be on ramp :D :P :P

Naah.. just kidding.
Kavi said…
I am glad you are loving it !! Lets plan up the Mumbai trip properly..
Ghost Particle said…
[cindy] so true girl. atleast some words u know :) thanks da. hugs.

[jeevan] no snow now bro, not yet winter. we shall learn one day...some :) thx bro.

[chriz] it is bro...u know the place? any guesses ? :)

[princess] true :D thx :)

[milady] hehehe...come on ...guess guess...ur a great researcher Milady :) hugs.

[[arv] will be waiting for the list bro...:) everyone should have one :) thx bro.

[nayan] hahahah LOL. i lost nearlly 10kgs here bro. hence the picture...ego trip :P


[kavi] I will sir, have 2 nights in Mumbai only...schedule so tight :( ill let you know tomorrow or saturday :) thx.
d gypsy! said…
ok, stop thanking me...

its good to see Shimla on someone else's blog other than mine and ahem, a snuggly sweater u got there...good!

enjoy... u made me miss the place actually... i so love my town... :)

and dont forget to roam at all those places i said, and saturday malling...
Ghost Particle said…
[neha] ok ok i will :)

im loving the town so much...its just relaxing...except the road could be abit bigger u know...especially the circular lives for its name i guess :D

will update tonight after i get around ok. u take care, rest. :)
venus66 said…
Very beautiful place. Have a wonderful time my fren.
Ghost Particle said…
[venus] thank you so much :) it is a great place to experience.

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