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there is nothing in life more precious than freedom
of the mind and the self

[#] I have never seen parrots outside of cages actually, snapped this at the Qutub Minar historical complex in Delhi. (I think these are parakeets, any idea of the species or tribe they belong to?)

[#] Ill update my travel blog when I get some free time, till then take care :)


Miladysa said…
I agree with your sentiments entirely.

Wonderful photographs :D
venus66 said…
Beautiful pictures and I agree with you.

"there is nothing in life more precious than freedom
of the mind and the self"

Take care my fren.
brocasarea said…
nice snaps..u must be enjoying!!....:)

freedom always brings the best out of u..i experience this when i play a gamw...
Jeevan said…
Wow… lovely, they are mean to freedom flapping there wings. Have wonderful moments in capital bro :)
Vinesh said…
Beautiful picture - your shot has captured the wings so well! :)

The birds look like happy butterflies!
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] thanks milady...i think we are still in search for that freedom, but with family and friends, we may already found it.

[venus] thank you :) we shall treasure it :)

[brocasarea] i am bro :) what game? hehehe...

[jeevan] exactly...freedom in motion, freedom in life in all. thank you nanba.

[vinesh] they do dont they...and they stick together :) that brings alot of sayings hehe.

thank you.
Nahuatl said…
Tribe? Yours?
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] lol. actually birds are also classified into tribes :)

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