Thursday, November 20

Days are Forever

As my journey comes to an end, and many of my dreams fulfilled, good and tiring days, traveling many cities in such a short duration, and that too while swamped with work really messed my schedules. Missed to meet many good friends along the way. But I always believed what is meant to happen, will happen and last Tuesday I met my long time blog traveler, and the person I admire the most in words and writing and in courage, my brother Jeevan.

I cant describe my happiness walking the long courtyard to his house; it was a bright and sunny Chennai morning. He was in the hall and that happy smile broke all the tiny awkwardness of meeting for the first time.

A quick chat with mom about his ailment brought me to understand more of his situation. Jeevan is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. He is undergoing regular therapy and are trying new treatment methods which keeps his muscles active. It is infact right now an irrevirsible ailment and research are being conducted actively around the world to find a cure.

We shared many past memories of the 3 years we have knows each other in the blogsphere, and indeed the conversation led to the memories of oldschool bloggers who seemed to be missing right now. We started back then reading legendary bloggers and wished they would come back into scene. Talking with Jeevan will not reflect someone who is sad with his condition, he showed me courage that I never had. I have known this by reading him for such a long time, but then again meeting in person and failing for some moment to understand his predicaments makes me sad. I hope his blogging, that at most times is our only window to his life doesnt stop. His fingers are not as fast as before, but hopefully this too will be cured in the near future. I hope to see Jeevan walk one day, and hope to see him fulfill all his dreams.

I admire his courage and hope. His words reflect someone who is living the present, who has dreams and wishes and are fulfilling them. His writings are from the heart and his passion and aspirations flows in his blog. I think, him having met many blog friends is much more comfortable when talking, I was just stuck at times of keeping on asking about his health condition, being worried myself but he has words that makes us feel so much at ease. And trust me, he is one person who reads all our posts patiently and remembers it :)

And eating lunch with Jeevan, delicious homecooked meals that his mom and sis prepared, after 2 long months of eating out will forever remain in memories. He have often written about the sacrifices of his parents and family for him. I can see the love in his eyes, and the love of his mom towards him. And receiving me into his home, into the family made me not wanting to leave him. I did not get to meet his dad, but he did call from office. I do hope more blog friends get to visit Jeevan, he is such a kind person and I do hope everyone can learn something from this great soul. Somehow the minutes and hours envy our conversations. Wished I could stay longer. But I will come back soon, for Jeevan.

Love you forever brother. Lets not end this days and moments.

[+] Jeevans post of our meeting.


Miladysa said...

What a great photograph!

I can easily picture your meeting through your words and it reads as though you both spent some very special time together.

You both are special people :D

brocasarea said...

this post really touched me..!:)....

really admire his courage and enthusiasm!!....hats off!

Cinderella. said...

First thisngs first I read Miladysa's comment there as

"you both are special COUPLE"

Lmao !!! No offense.

Okie, I'm gonna get serious. Jeevan is someone who has always inpired thosea round him. The never say die attitude personified.

I am so happy you both got to meet each other. And I can understand the feeling so well bhai, cz we go back a long while. Its been some walk,aye ?!

Miss the coffee - the sandwich n 3 hour long yak yaks now. TC.

manivannan said...

Lovely moments! I'm really happy to know about your friendship.... My prayers and wishes for his dreams to come True.

The photo is also beautiful... Did u use filter or is't photoshop?

Ghost Particle said...

[MIlady] Thanks MIlady, Im going to miss Jeevan alot. He is such a fine man.

[brocasarea] yes bro, hes the bravest person I met. thx.

[cindy] dai :P
It has been an excellent journey, and yes, the walk of life. Hope someday all of us can meet at one place :)
Ill quit ccd till i get back to Bangalore in the future :P

[manivanan] Hello! He is an admirable person, we will see it that his aspirations come true. :)

Its not photoshop, im using and there is a filter effect under Filter > Photos > Glow.


venus66 said...

Beautiful moments. May your friendship last forever. My prayers and wishes for Jeevan. Take care.

The Seeker said...

Hello!!! Not a first timer here!!! Been a reader here for a while. lost in the touch with the blog.... And jeevan my blog buddy!!!
Thats so wonderful.. and quite true.. I met most wonderful persons through blogs....

A very touching post.,..

Jeevan said...

Bro u brought the picture here more beautifully ;) to tell truly I feel departure to believe u are yet go back home tonight, but u left me the perdurable memories to think animate. I am so glad knowing your expression on our ardent meeting and this is something gets me hope and courage what we share is immortal and it’s very important to both of us isn’t it! Wish u come here some other times soon in future so we spent again some more times immerse and to go out somewhere :)

Thanks so much and hope our dreams came true, and let it extends more in future :) take care, hugs.

Anonymous said...

You people are special.

Arv said...

like Cindy... first things first...

LOL @ Cindy's comments... :P

mate... this is a neat post.. kewl dedication to a good friend in life...

I wish Jeevan the very best...


Balaji S Rajan said...


I am moved! I felt the same when I met Jeevan for the first time. Even if I miss anyone post, I see that I do not miss any of Jeevan's post. He is really a great guy and as another blogger 'Dubukku' used to say, he is the real blogger who reads everyone of our post.

Thanks for visiting Jeevan!

krystyna said...

You are both brave, great men!
Great post, great job!
I was touched!
Very inspiring!
Thank you for sharing,
so true words about Jeevan!
I wish you both
much happines
and much blessings!


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