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Closure For You

To the high priestess of the blogworld, thank you for the free publicity. People who have known and met me and her, knows us better, than what your emails say. Wish your nightmares never end, Friend. I'm loving my life ever more now than before as I'm free. Guess you are not, and everyone knows. And for the rest of the 'issues', Karma will take care of it.


venus66 said…
Hi, how are you? This post is something very different from you.
Make me think very deeply.
Hope things are just fine with you.
Take care my fren.
God Bless.
Miladysa said…
Problems Ghosty?
Ghost Particle said…
[venus] thanks for the words. I know its different, Ive been silent for so long, but someone out there keeps poking and pointing that it reached a new level of stupidity. so im putting an end to this, i hope they treat this as a warning :)

god bless u too and take care, always appreciate your wise words :)
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] yes Milady, something has been brewing long but I dont wish to continue with it, i just wish it goes away and I dont have to do anything to become too aware of it. its too silly to even talk here, but im going against good advice to post this because im too angry.

hugs as always :)
Cinderella. said…
We talked we wouldnt react bhai n let the monkeys dance....then why this ?!

Do you think this will put a lock to all the shit ? This will give her music for more dance recitals,specially when they have NOTHING else to fill their lives with.

Let retards be retards, specially when they're loving it being so.
Cinderella. said…
Oh btw, I knw I'm being mean n all by saying this but...

LMAO @ "...wish your nightmares never end." !!!!!!!!!

Ghosty, why this? What does it matter what she tells people? Maybe she is a sicko, not you. Or maybe she is feeling jealous as you wae meeting people and she can't.

I tell you, simply ignore her. It is her way of drawing attention to herslf. Mind you, I don't know who she is but somehow I sense she is trying to get to in some way or the other.

Would like to tell of us about her? So thast we can warn each other to say away from her blog.
Ghost Particle said…
[cindy] heh...i tink my bp caused it. :D
Actually i just wanted to know what else is there...what other broken tunes are there. And I want to know how many have fallen for it.

here we are minding our own businesses and this thing happens week in and out and then when our good friends ask us, what do we tell them? that we have a cyber maniac stalking us...goddamit...i love my day (and night) job better than this.

This will be my last post ever (was there a first one?) on this matter da. I leave it. its not worth it, for all that have happened, and all that she caused, some scars wont heal...but there is a whole world ahead of us.
I am dyslexic...

Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] heyya stranger :P ill try to get back to delhi so that we can talk longer about this ok :D or rather, we not talk about this and jst talk about books and writers :) one strange sicko is not worth our time...mwahahaha.

i dont have to tell u bout her :) she tells people about herself, people know...they have known for long. i dont want to get into the same habit, i value trust more and i dont want my trip here to be bugged by some jealous attention seeker.

i jst wish i have stronger ignoring power but I guess im jst an emotional ghost :P
Miladysa said…
Remember Ghosty - what goes around - comes around.
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] very true indeed. bt sometimes, time doesn't give us the opportunity to clear ourselves even when its someones else's fault. I guess that is the reason we feel we cant stay away from certain things for long. but things will be better tomorrow :)
Cinderella. said…
There was never a first one bhai..and this should be the last one. Like Gautami said..."simply ignore" !
We had been doing a pretty good job at it, you ruined it you moron !!!!

But psssst : I likes !
Ghost Particle said…
[cindy] yes, watever may happen after this, however bad, this is the last da. we both shall ignore this, bt never forget.
Moron is the right word, Princess!
Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] i yam not. im just dumb sometimes...perfectly excusable coz im Ghost :D
Nahuatl said…
haha.. sure will. :D
A badass spank doesn't hurt once in a while! Good going you troll.

Welcome to my world. :P
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] mwahaha...thanks bro. its all for the good, lets hope.

i mean no harm to anyone, but i hate when they push it too far. :)

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