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Photograph by David Maitland/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

[+] Photo nabbed from NatGe0 [Real Full] and see the rest of the best wildlife animal photos of 2008. There is also a harrowing picture of a Colobus monkey being singed for illegal bush meat trade.
[?] Just want to know, is there any wildlife photographers among our blog communities? I would love to learn the techniques, a lot of macro use I suppose...and patience :)


Ghost Particle said…
the photo was original snapped back in February or march...if i remember it correctly...
Pauline said…
Arv said…
Amazing pic mate...

I cant help ya out there but I like watching the National Geo or Animal Planet.. LOL...

take care mate.. .cheers...
Jeevan said…
I agree with the picture! the monkey head on fire was shocking (in the link).i must try with domestics first :)
manivannan said…
That's a wonderful picture! And the monkey's was very disturbing... Thanks for sharing.
Cinderella. said…
EEEEwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

I hate both these shoulda said they were gonna be in this post you moron !!!!

Thankgod it isnt night.
venus66 said…
Wonderful pic! Take care.
Nahuatl said…
Lovely pic!

I love the clarity!
iamnasra said…
wow this photo is amazing ..the fight for life ...the last moment ..the bite ..attack
Ghost Particle said…
[pauline] yes it is...we cant even start to understand the struggle! amazing.

[arv] LOL bro, its ok. I like NatGeo tv too.

[jeevan] yes, thats really bad, theyre destroying the species.

[manivannan] thanks, and yes it was disturbing indeed. hope the photos will raise awareness. thanks.

[cindy] ok....and how do we tell that before hand? :p im scared of frogs and snakes too.

[venus] thx venus...all credits to the great photographer.

[nayan] exactly.

[iamnasra] hello...been long since ive visited you. how are you?
your description is excellent :)
Princess said…
moments matter ila!

miss one u loose one shot.
Stupidosaur said…
This monsoon, when I was returning late in the night, I saw a big frog with little frog-legs sticking out of its mouth.

I quickly ran to my flat upstairs to grab the camera. Unfortunately the battery was discharged -totally :P.

Never used the camera much since purchasing Dec 2007.

Except now on my recent trip, with that aeroplne pic :). And many more.

I am totally new to cameras and their terminology. But if other cameras work similar to mine, I think macros are for close distance photography (few cms). But if one get close to wild creatures like this, they will run away/attack you.

So my guess is the wildlife photographers ought to be far away and use the zoom. It might give such a picture.
Ghost Particle said…
[princess] so true, moments...and maybe not all will get the right moment, right snap...:) thx.

[ssor] man...keep it charged at all moments! actually using the cam is the hardest part, sometimes the eyes is the best memory machine :)

True, macro is the closeup shot, and depending on the functions of the cam, you can selectively focus.

LOL at the attacking part, it will happen with crazy critters :D

a good zoom lens is the best option avail for this type of photox.

thx :)

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