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Mumbai, 2

[By Suketu Mehta]


So I’m booking flights to Mumbai. I’m going to go get a beer at the Leopold, stroll over to the Taj for samosas at the Sea Lounge, and watch a Bollywood movie at the Metro. Stimulus doesn’t have to be just economic.

[Read the full op-ed: What they hate about Mumbai]
[Via: Kavi's Twitter]

[+] I think I jst found a stronger reason to return to India sooner. But am not sure if the world will always remain the same, will it always absorb the pain fast enough to make us forget the past atrocities...

Of Life, Of Love

For the question of whats next; the question of love and marriage, as much as I try to find the answers I really cant. What makes life put so much hope and desire in one person, I have no answers for that too. I pray that at this juncture in life I get to have it my way. Hopefully.


Why are you not doing anything yet India? I'm with Kavi on this, its time to get tough. No more negotiations, no more waiting and no more speculations. Just get them, and clean up the country. This is ridiculous, I've been watching the news since morning and no one has any idea of what the hell is happening there. Seriously, what is happening in Mumbai? One army officer says there is an hostage situation, another says everything is cleared. And then politicians offering lip service, bullshit. What's worst in this is, if a country like India is caught offguard (for the nth time!!!), what will happen if it happens in Malaysia? What are the intelligence service doing? Is CNN better than the intelligence services? Twitters and blog updates are faster than the army and commandos. Who do you want to trust your safety to now?

[+] Mumbai Help


[+] click on the image to make it larger :)

[#] I cant forget the memories of the blue skies of Shimla...mesmerizing as ever.


Meet occasional rant friend. But of course she doesn't understand a word I say.

It'd Divya's birthday today :)

[#] Apparently I suck at taking human photos. :( I took me a lot of chocolates and another 4 people to coerce her to stand still for this photos...oh sigh. Why r they scared of I'm a ghost or something... :(
[+] Im seriously swamped with work...hope to be visiting all the blogs this weekend, sorryyyy...


Before the events of the previous post, we went to the jungles of Mount Jerai, to a waterfall named Batu Hampar, in Kedah.

crystal clear waters

a giant poisonous man killer bug thingy, probably a meter long
a giant centipede, common in the Malaysian rainforests


it was so hard to get this shot,
wished the other butterflies and dragonflies cooperated as well

slow shutter, but it turned too bright

[#] Travelers Velan, Vj, Indran, Ghost and Kumar
[+] will upload the rest of the pics in my flickr


I had an awesome Sunday...

- Seat belts saves life
- Airbags should be made standard on all Malaysian cars
- And, there still are dirt stupid idiots who make sudden stops and
u-turns in the middle of busy traffic

[#] My cousin and his buddies went for a ride, and decided to do a Bond. They're all safe, with some stitches and minor bruises. Am really impressed with Perodua MyVi, the structural integrity is very good, but air bags would have been better, just that there are no laws for mandatory airbags here and well no rules against street stupidity. Oh and everyone thought I'm a reporter! :D

random hearts

im back home in Malaysia now... and figuring how to answer when everyone asks which is 'better' India or Malaysia now how do you make a choice like that? i'm not going to answer them on that I've just been smiling for the whole day now... i think when the time comes
for us to live our dreams and others are left just a glimpse of it there is no room for justifications jst memories long lasting :)

[#] will be there ur writings, in ur dreams. Have a good weekend :)

Days are Forever

As my journey comes to an end, and many of my dreams fulfilled, good and tiring days, traveling many cities in such a short duration, and that too while swamped with work really messed my schedules. Missed to meet many good friends along the way. But I always believed what is meant to happen, will happen and last Tuesday I met my long time blog traveler, and the person I admire the most in words and writing and in courage, my brother Jeevan.

I cant describe my happiness walking the long courtyard to his house; it was a bright and sunny Chennai morning. He was in the hall and that happy smile broke all the tiny awkwardness of meeting for the first time.

A quick chat with mom about his ailment brought me to understand more of his situation. Jeevan is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. He is undergoing regular therapy and are trying new treatment methods which keeps his muscles active. It is infact right now an irrevirsible ailment and research are being conducted actively around the world…

Randomism and a Weirdo :p

Miladysa tagged me with the weird and random tag thingy, and here goes:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

[The Answers]
1. There is one memory that I remember from childhood as my 'first ever memory'; waking up and seeing the sun rays through the window, not sure how old I was then btw. I cant remember anything else from that time, and my next good memory of my childhood is when I was 5 years old and in kindergarten.
2. Whenever I go out, for shopping or eating and I withdraw money from the atm, the bill will somehow come to the exact amount I withdraw. It happens 9 out of 10 times. Its freaky.
3. There was a time when I was in lower secondary, I only liked green toned shirts. Good God.
4. I get sudden flue which last…

out here we be rockstars

let me be selfish tonight
for one night
of whats left
in the dissolving days
let me be selfish
for having
the best of friends
for I may never find
such genuine ones

let me be selfish today
let me live my life
for eternity
with this great feeling
of peace and calm
in the days of autumn skies

as I leave
not saying goodbye
but with silent words
~why end
something that we started
in our innocent years
for something beautiful

as I leave
not wanting any
but hugs and kisses
let me be selfish
for one night
of many
that I hope to
encounter and live
years to come


it takes a lifetime, but when it happens, its beautiful :)

[#] nah, not a poem, just rendezvous with great souls, rock stars and more :)

Thank You!

snow covered peaks of the Himalayas,
taken from the Jakhu temple,
situated on the Jakhu hill in Shimla

Jhaku Temple, a Lord Hanuman temple,
I cant describe the feelings and emotions at that moment
being in the temple, seeing the Himalayas,
the serenity of it all, and the sweet prasadam given,
life changing...

I like this photo a lot :),
Jakhu Temple

at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla

snapped at the gardens of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla

Today I trekked the hills of Naldhera,
near the Mashorba Valley a short distance from Shimla
and I saw the snow covered mountains of the Himalayas
one of my dreams came true
I want to thank Life for this :)

[#] Its so close yet so far, one day I must set foot in Nepal and god willing, climb the Everest :)
[#] Btw, I think this picture turned awesome...
[#] As usual, anyone wants hi-res images of above, please buzz me, TQ!


Photograph by David Maitland/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
[+] Photo nabbed from NatGe0 [Real Full] and see the rest of the best wildlife animal photos of 2008. There is also a harrowing picture of a Colobus monkey being singed for illegal bush meat trade.
[?] Just want to know, is there any wildlife photographers among our blog communities? I would love to learn the techniques, a lot of macro use I suppose...and patience :)

Heavens on Earth, 2

The view out of my room,
I'm staying here forever, someone please call my mom and tell her :D

I'd freeze tonight for here is the before pic...
lets see if my frost bitten fingers can snap the after pic.
Ok...ppl don't get frost bites here...where I am...guess :p

[#] I should have learned some Hindi. Though I understand a bit of the language, they don't understand my reply hehehe...Right now I'm all cool with 'haa...ji' which I think means 'yes'. And I know a few Hindi movie titles and songs...but I cant talk Hindi...sigh..haa ji haa ji haaaaa ji.
[#] And one shall have the question of why am I on the Internet all the time even when traveling...well I'm working and traveling and quite recently I discovered Thursday is NOT the start of the weekend...who would have known...sigh...:P
[#] Thanks to Neha for the great advice...I shall roam soon :)

R.I.P Michael Crichton

Reading the BBC and CNN tickers just now, turned this into a sad day. Author Michael Crichton passed away today of cancer on Nov 4th.

R.I.P Michael Crichton, your writings live on forever.

I started reading science fiction because of Crichton and Asimov. Both are legends of their own styles of writing, both crossed genres, and have legions of fans. Sadly not many authors these days have their timeless skills and qualities. MC and his contemporaries put the Science in speculative fiction, where and when it mattered most. Of all his books, Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park and Sphere were my favorites ever. Its hard to fine brilliant fast paces stories anymore. And all the current ones are written for Hollywood, but MC was different. If you pickup Jurassic Park or The Lost World today, you would know the world of a difference it is from the movies. His early works are very absorbing and even after countless readings you can still learn many new facts. For this reason and many, legends do li…

Where on Earth?

Time for a small game. In which city in India do you find this monument? And what is its name?

[*] I think I have to close this trivia for my Indian friends, it will be so easy then, sorry :p
Everyone can take part hehehe...except Pallavi and Neha :D


there is nothing in life more precious than freedom
of the mind and the self

[#] I have never seen parrots outside of cages actually, snapped this at the Qutub Minar historical complex in Delhi. (I think these are parakeets, any idea of the species or tribe they belong to?)

[#] Ill update my travel blog when I get some free time, till then take care :)

Closure For You

To the high priestess of the blogworld, thank you for the free publicity. People who have known and met me and her, knows us better, than what your emails say. Wish your nightmares never end, Friend. I'm loving my life ever more now than before as I'm free. Guess you are not, and everyone knows. And for the rest of the 'issues', Karma will take care of it.

tea, tickets, hotels n cookies

after 5 weeks of traveling
and seeing almost everything
its not boredom that sets in
its the back breaking tiredness
and I still have a month left!
I hate booking hotels and lodges
as much as I'm tired of
finding the routes
and walking into nowhere
but there is something here
more than all this
I love the people here
new found friends
with big hearts
I feel I have a purpose here
after so long
I feel I have a real purpose in life
how India
has changed me
amazingly in this few short weeks
and exorcised my painful
5 years that traumatized me
as I take to the skies
in dreams and in travels
I find smiles
and touch
warm and beautiful
and during my walks
in between crowds
lives micro worlds
of love and life
as I sat at coffee day
and drank ice cold coffee
(with a friggin cake inside!!!)
I don't know how to order stuff
even from the menu
you see right now
I miss home food
that is
after trying every bit of the south menu
and loving Kerala fish curry to bits
I dont know what else to eat
so nowadays
its cookies and tea
all th…