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young people who rock: Shonnetta Henry

Here is an inspiring story. Shonnetta knew she could make a difference, and she did.

Struggles and sacrifices means nothing if you don't give back to the society. In whatever motivation or principles you are in, being a dead wood, keeping everything to yourself will mean nothing in time. Which ever way we dissect this world, only chaotic futures and turbulent pasts will emerge. But in this chaos, we can seek patterns to justify the reason for doing something. Even the smallest of things, for whatever reason. Not charity, but empowerment, education and opportunities.

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Miladysa said…
What a great example to us all!
Leni Qinan said…
Actually, if everybody precticed a little bit of your philosophy, everything would me a whole lot better.
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] exactly, being so young and taking great responsibilities. I admire them all.

[leni] everyone should play a role, bt what we see are different issues, inane issues being pedaled on this great medium that we have. what are they waiting for? all they want are fun, and all are ignorant. some questions we cant answer.

im happy that you and all my fine readers understands many of the social issues i post here. One day we can make a difference, if we havent started doing so already :)
Veens said…
awesome!! :-) i m feeling inspired :-)

now now!
Jeevan said…
great youth! she motivates all.
venus66 said…
Very motivating. Thank you.
brocasarea said…
really inspiring!!
I defer to Malcolm's reference to Chaos Theory in Jurassic Park..

"If a butterfly flpas it's wings on the other side of the world..."
Ghost Particle said…
[veens] :) hope u r. Lets do something to bring change. thx.

[jeevan] yes nanba, she is a role model. thx.

[venus] thank you for reading it. :)

[brocasarea] thx bro, it is.

[donn] excellent connection there. it does and it works. thx bro.
Kavi said…
These young minds will hold the promise for the future ! Hope they say, springs eternal
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] the future is well guarded, by minds who dare to seek and define their days and tomorrows. :)
Leni Qinan said…
Hey you changed a bit the layout! It looks very nice!
Ghost Particle said…
[leni] :) and its with a great help from my artist friend...will intro him very soon :)

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